Best Ana De Armas Movies

Ana de Armas, the Cuban-American actress renowned for her roles in films such as Knives Out, Deep Water, and Blonde, was born on April 30, 1988, in Cuba. Commencing her acting journey at the age of 16, she honed her skills at the National Theatre School of Havana before relocating to Spain to further her film career and venture into television. Notably, she played a leading role in the romantic drama Una rosa de Francia (2006). In her personal life, Ana de Armas has experienced marriage once and is currently in a relationship with a tech CEO following her one-year romance with Ben Affleck. Let’s check out some of the best movies of Ana De Armas, with the ratings, fellow stars and directors of each movie.

1. Deep Water (2022)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Drama, Mystery, ThrillerAna de Armas, Ben Affleck, Tracy LettsAdrian Lyne5.5/10
Best Ana De Armas Movies

“Deep Water” is a movie from 2022 that’s a mix of a thriller and a psychological story. It’s directed by Adrian Lyne and is based on a book from 1957 by Patricia Highsmith. The main actors are Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, and Tracy Letts.

The story is about Melinda and Vic, a couple living in Louisiana with their daughter. Vic has stopped working early because he made computer chips for drones. Their relationship is a bit complicated. They don’t sleep in the same bed, and Melinda openly has other relationships, even at home. Vic, on the other hand, takes care of a lot of snails.

Things get more complicated when Melinda invites her new boyfriend, Joel, to a party. Vic tells Joel that he killed Melinda’s previous boyfriend, Martin, who disappeared. The news spreads, and their friends start getting suspicious. Vic becomes more jealous, and Melinda enjoys making him feel that way.

The situation gets intense when Melinda accuses Vic of killing her current boyfriend, Charlie, who ends up dead in a pool. The police get involved, and the movie takes a dark turn as Vic and Melinda’s relationship becomes more dangerous and mysterious. If you are a fan of Best Psychological Thrillers, then you can get to know more about it in our article.

2. No Time to Die (2021)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Action, Thriller, AdventureAna de Armas, Daniel Craig,
Léa Seydoux
Cary Joji Fukunaga7.3/10
Best Ana De Armas Movies

“No Time to Die,” released in 2021, is the twenty-fifth installment in the James Bond film series. Produced by Eon Productions and starring Daniel Craig in his final portrayal of MI6 agent James Bond, the movie was directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. In this spy film, Bond, who has retired from active service with MI6, is called back by the CIA to rescue a kidnapped scientist, leading to a confrontation with a formidable adversary possessing technology capable of causing widespread harm.

Ana de Armas played the role of Paloma, a Cuban CIA agent, in “No Time to Die.” Director Cary Joji Fukunaga specifically envisioned the character with de Armas in mind. Despite Paloma’s claim of limited training, she is portrayed as a bubbly and highly skilled individual. Although de Armas’s appearance in the film was brief, her performance received acclaim, prompting fans to express a desire for a spinoff series featuring the character. “No Time to Die” achieved commercial success and garnered positive reviews. Those who love the combination of action, thriller and adventure can checkout more movies in our article about action movies!

3. Sergio (2022)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Biography, Drama, History, RomanceAna de Armas, Wagner Moura, Garret Dillahunt Greg Barker6.2/10

In 2003, Sérgio Vieira de Mello, who worked for the United Nations in Iraq, gets hurt in a bomb attack and gets stuck in a hotel basement in Baghdad.

Three months before the bombing, Sérgio is married, but he doesn’t feel love in his marriage. He’s committed to Carolina, his girlfriend and co-worker. Carolina tells him not to go to Baghdad after the invasion, but Sérgio goes anyway. He wants to help Iraqis be independent and negotiate with the U.S. to leave Iraq. He disagrees with American diplomat Paul Bremer, who doesn’t like Sérgio’s ways. Sérgio fights against the U.S. taking over Iraq and even says no to having U.S. guards at the UN’s base camp.

Sérgio is killed in a terrorist attack on the UN base camp. After this, the U.S. leaves Iraq, causing a long Civil War. Sérgio’s friend Gil Loescher survives the attack but loses both legs. Carolina goes back to her work for justice in Rio.

4. Corazón (2018)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Drama, HorrorAna de Armas, Demián Bichir, Roger WassermanRichard Somes5.1/10
Best Ana De Armas Movies

“Corazón” is a biographical drama from 2018 directed by John Hillcoat and written by Kelley Sane. The movie features Ana de Armas and Demián Bichir. It follows the story of Elena Ramirez, a prostitute in Santo Domingo who discovers she has a serious medical condition. Determined to get life-saving treatment, she embarks on a challenging journey to New York with a doctor. The film, based on a true story, was presented by Montefiore and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2018. It was a finalist for the Tribeca X award and has been commended by critics for using entertainment to highlight the importance of organ donation. For those interested, the film is available for viewing at The main character, Elena Ramirez, played by Ana De Armas, faces the challenge of earning a visa to access the necessary medical treatment, making “Corazón” a poignant tale.

5. Blade Runner (2017)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Action, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fiAna de Armas, Ryan Gosling, Harrison FordDenis Villeneuve8/10
Best Ana De Armas Movies

“Blade Runner 2049” is a 2017 sci-fi movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. It’s a follow-up to the 1982 film “Blade Runner” and stars Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. Ana de Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, Dave Bautista, and Jared Leto also have important roles. If you love watching Sci-fi movies you can check out more in our article which reveals the best sci-fi movies.

Set in 2049, the story follows K, a replicant “blade runner” who works for the police, hunting down and “retiring” rogue replicants. While doing his job, K discovers a secret that could cause trouble between humans and replicants. His boss orders him to find and retire a replicant child.

K goes to the Wallace Corporation, where he learns about a replicant named Rachael and her connection to former blade runner Rick Deckard. The corporation’s CEO, Niander Wallace, wants to use replicant reproduction for interstellar colonization. K’s journey is followed by Wallace’s enforcer, Luv.

As K digs deeper, he finds a significant date carved into a tree trunk and recalls it from his childhood. His holographic A.I. girlfriend, Joi, believes this is proof that K was born, not made. Searching LAPD records, K discovers two children born on that date, but only the boy is said to be alive. He follows the clues to an orphanage, but records from that year are missing. Recognizing the orphanage from his memories, K finds a toy horse, confirming a significant part of his past.

6. The Informer (2019)

GenreCastDirectorIMDb Ratings
Action · Crime · Drama · ThrillerAna de Armas, Ryan Gosling, Harrison FordAndrea Di Stefano6.6/10
Best Ana De Armas Movies

“The Informer” is a 2019 British crime thriller directed by Andrea Di Stefano and written by Matt Cook, based on the novel “Three Seconds” by Roslund & Hellström. The film features Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, Common, Ana de Armas, and Clive Owen.

The story revolves around Peter Koslow, released early from prison with the condition that he becomes an undercover informant for the FBI in New York City. Infiltrating a Polish crime organization, he plans to provide evidence against crime boss Ryszard “The General” Klimek. Equipped with a wire, Koslow attempts to smuggle a large amount of fentanyl through the Polish consulate, but things go awry when his partner, Staszek, deviates from the plan. Discovering an undercover police officer, tensions rise, leading to a deadly confrontation where Koslow’s handlers abandon him. Facing threats to his family, Koslow agrees to return to prison to run the drug trade for the General.


In conclusion, Ana de Armas has undeniably left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape with her exceptional performances in a diverse range of films. From her breakthrough role in “Blade Runner 2049” to her compelling portrayal in “No Time to Die” and the emotionally charged “Corazón,” de Armas showcases her versatility and talent as an actress. Whether in gripping thrillers, heartfelt dramas, or engaging biographical films like “Sergio,” her ability to immerse herself in complex characters is truly commendable.

As we celebrate the best movies of Ana de Armas, it’s evident that her star continues to rise, captivating audiences worldwide. With each project, she not only delivers stellar performances but also contributes to the storytelling craft, making her one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry. As we eagerly anticipate her future endeavors, Ana de Armas stands as a shining example of talent, dedication, and the transformative power of cinema.

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