Holiday Scares: Discovering the Top 10 Horror Christmas Films

As the holiday season blankets the world in warmth and joy, there’s a subgenre of films that takes a delightfully dark twist on the festive spirit. The best Christmas horror movies seamlessly blend the cheer with spine-chilling terror, creating a unique cinematic experience that sends shivers down your spine while surrounded by the glow of festive lights. If you’re ready to embrace a darker side of the holidays and crave a fright around the Christmas tree, look no further. In this article, we’ll unveil the 10 best Christmas horror movies, available on platforms like Apple TV+, AMC+ and Shudder, that skilfully weave together the merriment of the season with hair-raising horror. Get ready for a chilling journey into the sinister side of holiday cheer!

Why do we consider these movies the best Christmas movies?

Delving into the realm of holiday horror, Redditors have unearthed a treasure trove of Christmas-themed frights that have become beloved favorites among fans on Reddit. From timeless classics that have stood the test of decades to more recent cinematic creations, these horror movies about Christmas have found a special place in the hearts of viewers. The Reddit community, known for its diverse and passionate user base, has collectively shared and celebrated these films as cherished alternatives to the usual festive line-up.

1. Black Christmas (1974)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

Redditor MrAnonymous117 hailed Black Christmas as the definitive Christmas horror film and one of the best slashers of all time. A classic in the genre, this 1974 slasher movie delivers chills and suspense as it follows a group of sorority sisters who become the targets of a mysterious killer during the holiday season. The film is considered a must-watch during Christmas, with many fans preferring the original over its 2006 and 2019 remakes. Experience the horror on Peacock.

2. Better Watch Out (2016)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

Better Watch Out is a modern slasher that captivates audiences with its surprising twists and turns. Recommended by Redditor Popular_Patience6877, the film weaves a terrifying tale around the urban legend of a babysitter alone in a house at night while looking after children. This Christmas horror movie adds a festive feeling to a horrifying plot, delivering shock value and suspense. Watch the unexpected unfold on Prime Video. Moreover, you can also find some of the best horror movies on Peacock.

3. Krampus (2015)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

For those seeking a mix of campy humour and scares, Krampus is a holiday tradition in many households. Starring Toni Collette and Adam Scott, this horror movie introduces the mythical figure Krampus, blending scares with festive fun. Redditor-approved as a must-watch during the season, Krampus provides an entertaining experience for those in the mood for a scary yet celebratory story. Enjoy the frights on Fubo or rent it on AppleTV. Moreover, you will also be able to watch some of the best shows on Apple TV+, that are sure to blow your mind! You can also avail Apple TV+ free trial, if you wish to explore through the platform. Due to its amazing storyline it on the top 10 best Christmas horror movies worth for binge watching.

4. A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

A Christmas Horror Story offers a unique anthology experience, packing four short stories into one film. Redditor-recommended for its greatness, the movie explores various horrifying tales of the holiday season. From students attacked by a ghost in a creepy school to a twist on a mythological creature during a Christmas tree hunt, the film covers a range of festive frights. Dive into the anthology on AMC+. Moreover, if you are a fan action and thriller shows, be sure to checkout some of the best action TV shows on AMC+, that await your binging experience!

5. The Children (2008)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

In a departure from heart-warming family tales, The Children delivers a different and eerie vibe. Described by Redditor the_small_dogs as a pretty good Christmas/infected movie with creepy kids and good gore, the film explores a disturbing narrative. Set before New Year’s, the story revolves around two sick children, Leah and Nicky, who spread a mysterious illness turning them into evil murderers. Experience the unsettling tale on AppleTV. Moreover, you can also watch some of the best holiday movies to watch on Christmas.

6. Anna And The Apocalypse (2017)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

For horror enthusiasts seeking a unique blend of genres, Anna and the Apocalypse serves up a delightful mix of horror and musical elements. Set in Little Haven, Scotland, the film follows teenager Anna Shepherd as she battles against a zombie apocalypse during the winter holidays. A lighthearted take on the undead, the movie infuses the horror narrative with catchy musical numbers. Often overlooked in discussions about holiday horror, this underrated gem provides a refreshing and entertaining twist to the Christmas horror genre. You can catch the undead musical on AMC+ and Shudder. You can also avail Shudder free trial, along with the option to cancel Shudder subscription very easily. Check out subscription plans for Shudder today and enjoy unlimited streaming!

7. Dead End (2003)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

Dead End takes an unsuspecting family’s December 24th car ride and twists it into a sinister and mysterious journey. Recommended by Redditor AtLeastImGenreSavvy, the film explores the Harrington family’s horrifying experiences when a seemingly routine drive becomes anything but ordinary. As the family encounters strange occurrences, the movie delves into the blurred lines between reality and fantasy—a common theme in psychological horror. The conclusion of Dead End leaves audiences pondering the nature of the unsettling events. It is considered as the top 10 best Christmas horror movies.

8. Christmas Evil (1980)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

For fans of 1980s horror, Christmas Evil offers a distinctive take on the holiday season by introducing a menacing Santa Claus on a rampage. Recommended by Redditor surya_1349, this film explores the darker side of the typically jolly and benevolent character. The story unfolds as Santa transforms from a symbol of joy to a figure of terror, adding a unique twist to the killer Santa subgenre. Get into the holiday horror spirit with Christmas Evil on AMC+ and Shudder.

9. Night Of The Comet (1984)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

While some Christmas horrors focus on malevolent Santas, Night Of The Comet takes a different route, exploring a world where festive celebrations are the least of the characters’ concerns. Suggested by Redditor haonon, the film revolves around teenage siblings navigating a post-apocalyptic scenario triggered by the Earth’s passage through a comet. Balancing serious themes with a light tone, this underrated gem captures the essence of the winter holidays with a unique twist. Unfortunately, Night Of The Comet is currently unavailable for streaming.

10. P2 (2007)

the 10 best Christmas horror movies

In P2, a Christmas Eve turns into a nightmare for Angela Bridges when car trouble strands her in her office’s parking garage. Recommended as a “really fun Christmas movie” by Redditor bbk8z, the film adds a layer of suspense to the holiday season. Angela’s attempt to escape takes a thrilling turn as she contends with a dangerous security guard, Thomas Barclay. Fast-paced from the outset, P2 provides a gripping holiday horror experience. Add this to your yearly holiday rotation by streaming it on Hoopla or renting it on AppleTV.

What’s the wrap?

This Christmas, dive into a chilling cinematic experience that goes beyond the usual festive cheer. From the classic suspense of Black Christmas to the unexpected twists in Better Watch Out, these horror movies offer a unique and spine-tingling way to celebrate the season. So, why not add a touch of horror to your Christmas watchlist? Gather around, dim the lights, and let the 10 best Christmas horror movies infuse your holiday with suspense, scares, and a thrilling break from the ordinary. ‘Tis the season to be terrified!

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