All robin costumes from Gotham Knights: Which one’s the best?

As one of the most beloved and iconic characters in the Batman universe, Robin has always been a fan-favorite. In the video game Gotham Knights, players will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of the various incarnations of Robin and take on the criminal underworld of Gotham City. Each Robin has their own unique costume design, and fans have been eagerly comparing and contrasting them to determine which one is the best. From the classic red and green to the sleek black and gold, each costume has its own merits and appeals to different fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at each of the Robin costumes in Gotham Knights and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Beyond
  2. Talon
  3. Neon Noir
  4. Demon
  5. Knight Ops
  6. Knighthood
  7. New Guard
  8. Year One
  9. Metal
  10. Titan
  11. Shinobi
  12. Privateer
  13. Knightwatch
  14. Eternal

Robin’s Beyond Suit:  A Disappointing DLC

The Robin Beyond Suit in Gotham Knights is not the best of Robin’s suits in the game. The Beyond suit is intended to reflect the futuristic look of Batman Beyond, but it falls short, looking more like the Robin suit of 1997’s Batman & Robin. The suit is part of Gotham Knights’ paid DLC, leaving fans disappointed that the sleeker, red and black version advertised isn’t readily available.

Robin’s Talon Suit: Lacking Creativity

Unlike other heroes, Robin’s Talon Suit has minimal differences from the in-game enemies. Although the color scheme has changed, the suit looks much like the Feral Talon model. Fans hoped for more differentiation, such as including the “R” logo inside the suit.

Robin’s Neon Noir Suit: Misleading Name

The Neon Noir suit’s name seems misleading as it has nothing to do with neon or noir. The yellow focal point of the suit with green and black surrounding it can work for other costumes but not for this one. The suit has a t-shirt-like design and an uninspired base coloring.

Robin’s Demon Suit: Not a Good Fit

The Demon suits are meant to give Gotham Knights heroes a darker and scarier look, which works for Red Hood but not for Robin’s. The Robin Demon suit is basic, with a red and gray color scheme, serving as a bridge between Nightwing and Red Hood’s red focus and Batgirl’s gray. The suit is closer to an alternate version of a Red Arrow suit with an “R” slapped on it, and the cape is the only Robin thing about the suit.

Robin’s Knight Ops Suit: A Mismatched Design

The Knight Ops suit looks like it belongs to someone else and is like a recolor of the Prometheus suit from Arrow. The metal face mask is reminiscent of the Rebirth Red Hood costume. The suit is supposed to be stealthy and urban-focused, but it doesn’t look much like a Robin’s suit.

Robin’s Knighthood Suit: Underwhelming Reward

The Knighthood suit is the reward for players who achieve Knighthood in the game.The design of the black suit bears a striking resemblance to the Beyond suit, albeit with the addition of a hood and cape. The suit’s lick of green makes it look like it belongs to an Assassin’s Creed game instead of Robin’s wardrobe.

Robin’s New Guard Suit: Different for the Sake of Being Different

The New Guard suit is the initial outfit for Robin in the game Gotham Knights. It’s an updated version of the classic DC Comics look, adding a jacket-like cover with a cape and cowl attached. Unfortunately, the base colors of the suit are gray and red, negating the welcoming Robin-like factor. 

Robin’s Year One Suit: A Solid Choice

The Year One suit for Robin stands out among the other options. It uses darker colors and a more casual design, making it a strong contender for Tim Drake’s Robin compared to the traditional yellow and green tights.

Robin’s Metal Suit: Futuristic and Classic

The Metal suit takes inspiration from various Tim Drake suits and keeps the classic green, yellow, and red color combination. It could easily fit into many comic runs and features design details reminiscent of Robin’s time as Batman.

Robin’s Titan Suit: Classic with a Twist

The Titan suit combines classic Robin colors with new design elements, resembling Ra’s al Ghul’s traditional outfit with a heightened collar. This suit would be a great choice for a modern live-action appearance by Tim Drake.

Robin’s Shinobi Suit: Simple and Frightful

The Shinobi suit takes inspiration from the wider Bat-Family and simplifies Robin’s approach. It gives Robin a ghostly visage without over-padding the suit and works well for the Boy Wonder.

Robin’s Privateer Suit: A Clear Link to Damian Wayne

The Privateer suit resembles Damian Wayne’s Robin suit with the addition of gold accents. The Robin symbol serves as a protective patch, making it a practical choice for Tim Drake’s Robin.

Robin’s Knightwatch Suit: Classic and Sleek

Designed by Jim Lee, the Knightwatch suit keeps Tim Drake in pants and features a sleek design. It even includes his iconic hairstyle, making it a fan-favorite choice.

Robin’s Eternal Suit: A Perfect Fit

The Eternal suit embodies Tim Drake’s Red Robin persona and features red with yellow accents, padding around joints, and a metallic helmet for protection. This suit gives Tim Drake his own personality while nodding to his early days as Robin.

Final Words

While all Robin costumes in Gotham Knights have their own merits, it ultimately comes down to personal preference as to which one is the best. Some fans may prefer the classic red and green costume, while others may prefer the sleek and modern Nightwing-inspired costume. Regardless of which one you choose, it is clear that the designers put a lot of thought into each of these costumes. They are sure to be a highlight of the game for many fans. Whether you are a longtime fan of the Boy Wonder or a newcomer to the Batman universe, the various Robin costumes in Gotham Knights are definitely worth checking out.

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