Interview with the Vampire Season 2 : It is happening! 

Get ready to sink your teeth into the next chapter of AMC’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s “Interview with the Vampire”. With the announcement of the renewal of the series for a second season, fans of the blood-sucking drama can look forward to more of the sexy, thrilling world of Louis, Lestat, and Claudia. The news of Ben Daniels joining the cast as vampire thespian Santiago has fueled even more anticipation for what’s to come in the Theatre des Vampires in Paris. Here’s everything apparent about Interview with the Vampire Season 2 so far.

Expected Release Date of Interview with the Vampire Season 2

Interview with the Vampire Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2023 or early 2024, although an official date has not been announced yet. Showrunner and executive producer Rolin Jones mentioned in a statement that expressed the writing staff’s enthusiasm to expand the vampire characters’ horizons.

 Although AMC has not provided a release date, it is speculated that the show will premiere in or around October 2023. The show’s shorter season duration suggests that it will not take more than a year to produce. Additionally, as it is a horror series, it would make sense to release it during the spooky season. The Walking Dead, which usually dominates AMC during October, will be over by then, so Interview with the Vampire Season 2 could be a draw for horror fans.

Expected Cast Members  in Interview with the Vampire Season 2

An interview with the Vampire Season 2 cast has revealed that Ben Daniels will be joining the cast as a series regular. Daniels, who is a seasoned actor with experience in The Crown Season 3 and others, will play Santiago, a member of the French Theatre des Vampires who grows suspicious of Louis and Claudia.

Returning cast members include Jacob Anderson, Sam Reid, Bailey Bass, and Eric Bogosian, and Assad Zaman’s character is set to play a bigger role now that his true identity as the vampire Armand has been revealed. While this may be a spoiler for those who haven’t read the novel or seen the 1994 film adaptation, Louis and Daniel are the only characters confirmed to make it to the second season.

Season 2 is also expected to introduce other exciting Vampire Chronicles characters who did not appear in season 1. A flashback of Louis meeting a young Daniel at a club in the 1970s has been suggested and could make an exciting addition to the second season.

Expected Plot of Interview with the Vampire Season 2

Get ready to sink your teeth into season 2 of Interview with the Vampire! Showrunner Rolin Jones has teased that the second season will take viewers on a globetrotting adventure, with locations including Bulgaria, Romania, Paris, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Dubai. While it’s uncertain how much of Anne Rice’s book the season will cover, it’s likely that season 2 will focus on the middle section of the novel, set in Europe and packed with thrilling and dramatic moments. With horror fans eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite vampires, Jones and his team are determined to live up to expectations and deliver another blood-curdling season.


After the success of the first season, fans of Interview with the Vampire can rest easy knowing that a second season is on the way. The announcement of Ben Daniels joining the cast as Santiago, and the prospect of revisiting the passionate and shocking world of Louis, Lestat, and Claudia has fans buzzing with excitement. With the upcoming season set to explore even more of the book series, fans can look forward to sinking their teeth into more of the dark and alluring world of Anne Rice’s vampires.

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