Everything You Need To Know About Aro Twilight

We recognize Aro from the OG of all vampire movies twilight gave rise to the genre. While the cruel, heartless, dominating Aro is known for being Volturi’s leader, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Turns out, he comes from a dark past with an unforgettable tale. So how about we delve into the history of the great Aro? 

Aro’s Vampire Days of Youth

 Aro is a character driven by ambition and a powerful desire to control his own destiny, making him one of the most interesting and complex figures in Stephenie Meyer’s saga. He was born in 1300 BC and was driven to acquire power, so much so that he chose to become a vampire in his twenties. To further his goals, Aro formed a coven with the help of Caius and Marcus. Aro had a complex mind with a constant fear of being betrayed by his close friends, which is why he betrayed them himself.

Aro Role in Twilight

Aro is a powerful character in the Twilight series and his introduction in New Moon sets the stage for many further developments in the story. He is intrigued by Bella’s ability to block other vampires from reading her mind and is willing to use his influence to bring her before the Volturi to answer for her actions. Aro’s presence in the series is a reminder of the power of the Volturi and the consequences of one’s actions.

He is determined to capture the Cullens and use Bella as bait for his plan. In Eclipse, Aro finally gets his chance but is quickly foiled by the Cullens and their allies. Defeated, Aro is forced to retreat and his role in Breaking Dawn is greatly diminished. He is only mentioned a few times and does not play a major part in the story.

Aro’s Darkest Deed

This story paints a vivid picture of Aro’s paranoia and his willingness to do whatever is necessary to maintain control over his coven. Marcus and Didyme’s love story began when Aro recruited his sister Didyme as a vampire and brought her into Volturi’s three-person coven. Initially, Aro was happy with their relationship, believing it would make his coven even stronger. However, as the couple grew closer, Aro’s fear grew that their happiness and contentment would lead them to side with each other over him in the event of a disagreement. Despite this, this never actually happened. His paranoia drove him to take desperate measures, showing his commitment to keeping control of his coven at all costs. Marcus was unable to move past the tragedy, and the loss of his beloved mate had a devastating impact on his life and Volturi as a whole. Aro’s attempt to gain loyalty of Marcus through murdering his own sister failed, and instead, the death of Marcus’s mate only caused him further suffering and pain.

Aro’s Mystic Powers 

Aro Volturi is powerful in his own right and should not be underestimated. Despite not having any physical strength, Aro Volturi has proven his power by taking on powerful opponents. He has demonstrated that his mental abilities are just as powerful as any physical attack. His ability to control others with his mind is a testament to his powerful capabilities. Aro Volturi is a force to be reckoned with and should not be underestimated. 

Aro has strength beyond that of a typical vampire, and can even read minds. His power also includes projecting his voice into the minds of others, allowing him to manipulate them and indulge them in acts he desires. Ultimately, only two beings have ever been able to take his life.

Things You Didn’t Know About Aro

  • To this day, Aro is more than 3000 years old
  • Aro is one of the three ruling members of the Volturi, the most powerful and influential vampires among the undead. He is part of a triumvirate that governs the vampire world.
  • Aro is the leader of the Volturi
  • Aro is married to Didyme, who he tragically murdered in order to protect the Volturi. He is the father of Alec and Marcus. 


Aro Twilight is a multifaceted individual with a variety of characteristics. He is a formidable and menacing vampire, yet simultaneously captivating and convincing. He is a commander but also has an intense desire for power. Aro is a complex character who should not be taken lightly. Catch Aro and other remarkable characters in the Twilight films.

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