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Who is Hosting Oscars 2023?

Most anticipated, 95th Academy Awards are set to hit our screens on March 12, 2023. This year everyone knows, that Oscars are going to be bigger and better. But who will be the host of Oscar 2023? To know the answer, stay with me and read the article till the last.

On February 15, Jimmy announced his presence at 95th Academy Awards. His way of announcing is so good that expectations are getting higher. The Top Gun-Hype video is making everyone excited.

Who Is Jimmy Kimmel?

Oscar 2023 Host

55 years old Kimmel is an American Comedian, host, writer, and producer. He wears different hats and ace it like no one else can even imagine. He has several shows under his wing, which includes Jimmy Kimmel live, a late night talk show that features different celebrities as guests.

The host is also a producer of Hollywood Masonic Temple and Zappos Theatre. His career is full of inspiration as he started working from a really young age and has built his own empire.

In high school Kimmel started working at the radio station and use to host Sunday Night Interview. In 1989 he got his first high paying job that was to co-host, The Me and Him Show. This job changed the faith of his life and became the turning point after which he never looked back.

Hosting Academy Awards

Kimmel is not a newcomer if we talk about hosting the Academy Awards. 2017 was the year of Kimmel’s debut on the Academy Award’s stage, he owned the stage for consecutive 2 years and now is back for his third time.

In his video of announcement he made it clear that he is the best for this job and can’t get slapped because he cries a lot. Isn’t this announcement hint towards something? Yes, you guessed it right! He is pointing towards Will Smith’s controversy. But whatsoever, no one can match his vibe and energy. He is surely the best host for Oscar 2023.

Jimmy’s thoughts about another Slap Controversy

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy shed some light on his views on The Slap controversy and what new he can bring on the show. He is aware that people have great expectations from him.

What’s new you can do to entertain people?

It’ll be similar to what I’ve done in the past. I don’t have a lot of talents, so there’s not a huge number of areas for me to draw from outside of telling jokes. I mean, I am pretty good at drawing cartoons, so I guess I could sit down and do caricatures of the stars? 

The Hollywood reporter

What will be your response in another slap controversy?

”You mean, if somebody comes up on the stage and slaps me? Well, I size them up, and, if I’m bigger than they are, I beat the s*** out of them on television,” he joked. “And if it’s the Rock, I run.”

The Hollywood Reporter


In conclusion, I would say that show becomes even bigger if the host is entertaining and smart. This year Oscars is not only about encouraging and awarding but also a source of entertainment for many and Jimmy’s comeback is nothing less than a cherry on the cake. So, brace yourself and buckle up to enjoy the greatest awards of all time times, with the best host ever on March 13, 2023.

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