Everything You Need To Know About The Influencer Turned Double Murderer

In the digital age, where fame is a currency and influencers dominate social platforms, the story of Mahek Bukhari took a chilling turn. The disturbing narrative unfolded on TikTok, thrusting Mahek into the spotlight, not for her content, but for a sequence of events that led to the tragic murder of Saqib Hussain. To understand more about this documentary, watch TikTok: Murder Gone Viral in the United States for free on ITVx. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the intricate details of Mahek Bukhari’s case, exploring the twists and turns that culminated in a tale of love, obsession, and, ultimately, cold-blooded murder.

The Genesis: TikTok Fame and Dark Relationships

Mahek Bukhari, on the brink of TikTok stardom, was supported by her mother, Ansreen, in her burgeoning influencing career. However, the seemingly ordinary narrative took a dark twist when Ansreen’s interactions with Saqib Hussain, facilitated through the video app Azar, escalated into a three-year on-and-off relationship. Ansreen, married for over two decades, decided to end things in 2021, triggering a chain of events that would lead to unimaginable consequences.

Everything you need to know about the influencer turned double murderer

The Sinister Plot Unfolds

As Ansreen sought to sever ties with Hussain, he resorted to threats, vowing to expose explicit content to her husband and son. Faced with this dire situation, Mahek, driven by a desire to protect her mother, hatched a plan with her friend, Rekan Karwan. The plan was to lure Hussain into a meeting by offering £3,000, a decision that set the stage for a chilling confrontation.

The Fateful Night: A Tragic Turn of Events

In February 2022, a group, including Mahek Bukhari, Rekan Karwan, Raees Jamal, Ameer Jamal, Sanaf Gulamustafa, and Natasha Akhtar, gathered in a Tesco car park in Leicester. The intention was to ambush Hussain, with Hashim Ijazuddin unwittingly driving him to the meeting point. What followed was a nightmarish pursuit, captured by CCTV footage, as two cars relentlessly trailed Hussain and Ijazuddin.

The Shocking Outcome: Cold-Blooded Murder

As events unfolded, the pursuit intensified, culminating in a tragic car crash. The 999 call captured Hussain’s desperate plea for help, moments before the line went silent, followed by chilling screams. Subsequently, a recovery driver discovered the burnt car with the lifeless bodies of Hussain and Ijazuddin. The perpetrators, including Mahek and her accomplices, were apprehended, and a web of lies began to unravel.

Legal Consequences: Justice Served

In August 2023, the legal system delivered its verdict. Mahek Bukhari and Ansreen were sentenced to life in prison, with Mahek serving a minimum of 31 years and eight months, and Ansreen facing a minimum term of 26 years and nine months. The judge characterized the case as a story of love, obsession, and extortion, condemning the actions as cold-blooded murder.


The tragic saga of Mahek Bukhari serves as a stark reminder of the dark underbelly that can lurk beneath the glittering façade of social media fame. This detailed account aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the events that unfolded, shedding light on a narrative that transcends the sensationalism often associated with true crime stories. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this cautionary tale prompts reflection on the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of fame and the intricate web of relationships that can lead to unimaginable outcomes.

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