How To Watch ‘The Mega-Brands That Built America’ In Canada On History Channel

Tune in to watch the latest addition to the History Channel‘s “That Built” franchise – The Mega-Brands That Built America, in Canada. Embark on an enchanting journey through the origin stories of America’s most influential businesses. From Walmart and Gillette to Spalding and FedEx, this documentary series uncovers the untold stories of these colossal brands and the brilliant minds behind them. Through a compelling mix of expert interviews, archival footage, and skillfully constructed recreations, witness how these brands began, conquered challenges, and forever shaped the American lifestyle. Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 23, 2023, to immerse yourself in the gripping tales of resilience, innovation, and triumph.

Quick Steps: How to watch The Mega-Brands That Built America in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch The Mega-Brands That Built America

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to History Channel

  5. Watch The Mega-Brands That Built America on History Channel

Save the date for The Mega-Brands That Built America release!

Unveiling on Sunday, July 23, 2023, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, The Mega-Brands That Built America is a highly anticipated program airing on the History Channel. With a focus on the fascinating histories of renowned American companies, viewers can indulge in an immersive journey into the past. If you can’t watch it live, don’t worry, as the show will be accessible on-demand via Discovery Plus.

Where can I watch The Mega-Brands That Built America in Canada online?

Explore the captivating episodes of The Mega-Brands That Built America on the History Channel, a streaming service owned by Discovery Plus. Discover the fascinating beginnings of well-known names in US consumer history. Use a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN to unblock and watch the program from any region that History Channel is not available in. Additionally, you can enjoy the fascinating episodes on Discovery Plus in Australia by using a VPN.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the legends of iconic brands and the genius minds behind their creation. ExpressVPN, opens the door to captivating documentary series for history buffs, business enthusiasts, and the curious at heart. Prepare yourself for an immersive journey through the extraordinary stories of visionary entrepreneurs and the global mega-brands they have crafted.

Preview the excitement: Watch the trailer of The Mega-Brands That Built America

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable event with the upcoming premiere of The Mega-Brands That Built America. Get a thrilling preview of what’s in store by watching the official trailer, which promises to take you on a mesmerizing journey into the origins of America’s most influential companies. Set to an enchanting soundtrack and featuring awe-inspiring visuals, the trailer offers a sneak peek into the enthralling stories of household names and industry giants. Uncover the trials and tribulations, revolutionary innovations, and the lasting impact that these colossal brands have left on the world.

Official Synopsis

“The origin stories of some of the most successful and biggest brand names in history.”

History Channel

Rewriting History: The Untold Stories of America’s Mega-Brands

The Mega-Brands That Built America presents an enthralling historical series, shedding light on the remarkable rise of America’s most influential companies across diverse sectors, including retail, sporting goods, household products, and shipping. The series delves deep into the captivating stories of iconic retailers such as Costco and Walmart, renowned sporting goods producers like Spalding and Wilson, and household brands such as Ivory Soap, Schick, and Gillette. Moreover, it beautifully illustrates the profound influence of shipping giants FedEx and UPS on shaping American consumer culture.

Discover the cast of The Mega-Brands That Built America

Featuring a highly skilled and diverse cast of experts, historians, and industry insiders, The Mega-Brands That Built America offers an exceptional opportunity to delve into the captivating history and far-reaching influence of these legendary companies. The in-depth interviews conducted by these experts provide viewers with a profound understanding of the pioneering entrepreneurs and the formidable hurdles they surmounted while establishing these mega-brands.

Linus IgnatiusJim Casey
Mitch MarkowitzDavid Glass
Ken ZurskiSelf
Gary HooverSelf

What’s the plot of The Mega-Brands That Built America?

The Mega-Brands That Built America stands as an awe-inspiring episodic documentary series, paying tribute to the indelible impact of iconic brands on American society. Unveiling a treasure trove of history, innovations, and challenges, the show artfully combines expert interviews with captivating archival footage. Each episode takes you on an extraordinary journey, from humble beginnings to groundbreaking achievements, showcasing the brilliance of the visionary founders who forever shaped industries.

How many episodes of The Mega-Brands That Built America are there?

The Mega-Brands That Built America has already unveiled four significant episodes, and the journey continues! Each episode delves deep into the profound stories of influential brands, their enduring influence on American culture, and the impactful legacies they create. Save the date for the premiere of this extraordinary series, offering an unprecedented glimpse into the untold narratives of mega-brands that have indelibly shaped American life and shopping.

Episode NoRelease DateTitleSummary
1July 23, 2023Battle Of The SuperstoresWitness Sam Walton’s retail empire rise as pioneers compete to revolutionize the industry.
2July 30, 2023The World DeliveredTwo brothers transform package delivery while a tenacious Yale graduate starts a rapid delivery firm.
3August 06, 2023A Whole New BallgameExplore sports industry innovations and their lasting impact. Focus on Sam Walton’s retail empire journey.
4August 13, 2023Dirty WorkDiscover how industry giants shaped American living and culture.

What can you expect?

Anticipate an engaging and informative experience as viewers embark on a journey to uncover the hidden facets of America’s most prominent businesses. The series has a primary goal of providing a profound understanding of the hurdles these brands overcame and the groundbreaking ideas they brought to the table, all while highlighting the indomitable spirit of the entrepreneurs behind them. By combining expert interviews, archival materials, and skillfully crafted recreations, the series creates a captivating narrative that allows the audience to vividly experience the remarkable stories that led these brands to prominence.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of The Mega-Brands That Built America

The Mega-Brands That Built America IMDbN/A
The Mega-Brands That Built America Rotten TomatoesN/A

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Best VPNs to watch The Mega-Brands That Built America in Canada on History Channel

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Is The Mega-Brands That Built America suitable for business enthusiasts and history buffs?

Yes, the series is tailor-made for both business enthusiasts and history buffs alike. It offers a deep exploration of the challenges, innovations, and achievements that have shaped some of the most influential brands in American history.

Will The Mega-Brands That Built America discuss the social and environmental impacts of these mega-brands?

While the primary focus is on the business aspects and histories of these brands, The Mega-Brands That Built America may touch upon their social and environmental impacts, especially if they have been significant in shaping corporate responsibility.

Can I watch The Mega-Brands That Built America outside the United States?

Yes, The Mega-Brands That Built America is available to viewers outside the United States through Discovery Plus’s international platforms, provided the streaming service is available in your region.

Wrapping Up!

A testimony to the remarkable ingenuity and inventive spirit of American visionaries, The Mega-Brands That Built America stands tall. Delving deep into the captivating chronicles and unparalleled history of these iconic brands, the series provides a distinctive outlook on the evolution of American commerce and the consumer experience. Irrespective of your background – be it a business aficionado or a history enthusiast – this series guarantees to hold you spellbound and instill a sense of awe as it unearths the hidden gems that propelled these massive brands into the hearts of the nation.

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