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Venture beyond the mundane and prepare to watch an immersive cinematic encounter in Canada, as we delve into the mysterious chronicle of The Communion Girl (original title: La niña de la comunión), exclusively presented on Shudder. Circle August 11 on your calendar, the awaited day when this supernatural thriller will unfold, offering audiences a captivating plunge into its haunting narrative. Beyond the haunting doll and the unrelenting nightmares it conjures, lies a tale of anguish, otherworldly realms, and unexplored facets of the human psyche.

Join us in an expedition, as we navigate the enthralling realm of The Communion Girl, where the boundary between reality and nightmare dissolves, and fear adopts a wholly new dimension.

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Save the date for The Communion Girl (2022)’s release!

Anticipation builds as the debut of The Communion Girl approaches, slated for its first screening on Shudder come August 11. Step into a world of eerie Otherness, intricate friendships, and the mystifying supernatural. Accompany Sara and Rebe through a landscape marked by uncertainty, where the boundaries between the tangible and the nightmarish blur, uncovering a terror that extends beyond the doll to the uncharted territories of human sentiment and psyche. Seize the opportunity to be a part of an enthralling narrative destined to stand the test of time as a hallmark of the horror genre.

Where to watch The Communion Girl (2022) full movie online in Canada for free?

Setting out on a spine-tingling cinematic journey, The Communion Girl discloses its haunting tale of terror and Otherness. Need to know where to catch this must-watch horror sensation online in Canada for free? Look no beyond than Shudder! Take your streaming experience up a notch and ensure seamless access to this eerie masterpiece – with the assistance of a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can safeguard your online connection while plunging into the chilling depths of The Communion Girl. Don’t forgo the supernatural mysteries and heart-pounding suspense that await; they’re all accessible and secure with ExpressVPN. Enhance your horror escapade and accompany Sara and Rebe on their nightmarish quest, exclusively on Shudder.

Catch a glimpse: Check out the trailer of The Communion Girl (2022)

Dive into the eerie universe of The Communion Girl with a tantalizing glimpse offered by the heart-pounding trailer, ensuring an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster through fear and suspense:

Official Synopsis

“The ghost of a girl dressed for her first communion is ready to shed blood and take revenge on anyone unlucky enough to cross her path.”


The Communion Girl Chronicles: Unmasking the Horror Within

Dolls have wielded an eerie magnetism within the realm of horror cinema for quite some time. Think of the slashing mayhem brought forth by characters like “Blade” and “Chucky,” or the unsettling enigma embodied by “Dead Silence.” These unsettling and mysterious figures have seized hold of our creative musings, and now, a fresh contender has emerged, poised to both send shivers down our spines and enthrall our senses. Enter The Communion Girl, a cinematic creation from Spain, helmed by the visionary director Víctor Garcia, standing as a testament to the genre’s capacity for profound narrative artistry.

Unfolding against the evocative backdrop of 1987, The Communion Girl ushers us into the world of Sara (brought to life by the talented Carla Campra) and her family, as they journey into a peculiar and enigmatic small town. Amidst the tapestry of this town’s idiosyncrasies, Sara’s sister astutely observes a common thread of peculiarity. However, in a poignant twist, it becomes apparent that it is Sara’s own family that stands as the true outsiders. The fervent religious devotion of her parents perpetually casts a shadow over her, even to the point of accusing her of leading her younger sibling into the realm of “half-naked men.”

Meet the cast of The Communion Girl (2022)

Step into the concealed realm and uncover the enchanting universe of The Communion Girl, as we peel back the layers to reveal the brilliant cast orchestrating this eerie chronicle. Witness compelling performances and the art of storytelling elevated to new heights, as you acquaint yourself with the ingenious collaborators who have seamlessly merged their talents to craft an unparalleled cinematic spectacle. Plunge into the intricate craftsmanship shaping this supernatural thriller, poised to grip you at the edge of your seat.

Carla CampraSara
Aina QuiñonesRebe
Marc SolerPedro
Carlos OviedoChivo
Olimpia RochJudit
Maria MolinsAmparo
Xavi LiteAntonio
Anna AlarcónRemedios
Victor SoléSantiago
Sara RochMarisol
Daniel RivedTano
Jacob TorresJaime
Manel BarcelóPadre Manuel
Mercè LlorensTeresa
Claudia RieraSonia
Mariona LucasVane
Andrea Carrión SamaniegoPepa
María FontcubertaMadre 1
Rosa RoviraMadre 2
David LópezJuanlu
Ana GarcíaLaura
Paula VélezClienta Chivo
Jordi SansFotógrafo
Armand VillénGuardia Civil
Susana DuránMonja
Pol CluaNiño Comunión
Helena GómezMarisol Espectro

What’s the plot of The Communion Girl (2022)?

As the tale progresses, we bear witness to the blossoming camaraderie between Sara and Rebe – two souls entwined by the ache of exclusion and the yearning for belonging. Yet, their connection takes an uncanny pivot when, after a night of merrymaking, they stumble upon a doll adorned in a communion ensemble. From this pivotal moment, their lives plummet into a harrowing ordeal.

Enigmatic symbols manifest on their flesh, and vivid night terrors haunt their very existence. These chilling horrors become interwoven with the tragic saga of Marisol (Sara Roch), the doll’s former owner, who underwent torment and persecution owing to cryptic marks etched onto her own physique. Marisol’s spectral chronicle surpasses the conventional haunted doll motif, delving into profound themes of otherness and the unending quest for acceptance.

What are the critical reviews of The Communion Girl (2022)?

“The stifling religious and social conformity of a small Spanish town is the source of the shocks in this scare story – along with a spectral girl in white.”

The Guardian

“While the movie is a solid horror movie, the ending of The Communion Girl on Shudder was what blew me away. Just as that final scene came across the screen, it was a rude awakening and a violent WTF moment.”

Heaven of Horror

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of The Communion Girl (2022)

The Communion Girl (2022) IMDbThe Communion Girl (2022) Rotten Tomatoes

Check out these fan reactions!

Listen to the voices of devoted followers echoing their excitement for The Communion Girl, a pulse-pounding anticipation that sets the stage for an enthralling cinematic venture. Embark on an immersive exploration of fear and enigma, securing your place at the precipice of your seat, completely absorbed in the experience:

“Not familiar with the ‘communion’ Urban Legend, but this haunting type horror film looks solid to me. Not everything needs to be gory as hell. Bump scares, tension, score and camera work can do wonders if done correctly imo 😉”

“This is something special.”

“Ah, yeah! The Communism Girl!”

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Does The Communion Girl have subtitles?

As with most films on Shudder, The Communion Girl may offer subtitles in various languages to cater to a global audience.

Who is the director of The Communion Girl?

The Communion Girl is directed by Víctor Garcia, known for his contributions to the horror genre.

How does The Communion Girl compare to other horror films on Shudder?

The Communion Girl offers a unique blend of supernatural horror and psychological tension, making it stand out among the diverse range of horror films available on Shudder.

Wrapping Up!

Prepare for a captivating blend of discomfort and resonance, as The Communion Girl escorts you along a profound journey that probes the heart of darkness and illuminates the intricate facets of human nature. With its masterfully spun tale, evocative setting, and captivating performances, this Shudder Original production serves as a testament to the enduring potency of horror cinema in excavating our most primal fears and aspirations. As you immerse yourself in The Communion Girl’s narrative, be ready for an eerie voyage that will leave an indelible impression on your consciousness.

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