Watch ‘Songs of Praise’ In Canada For Free On BBC iPlayer

Dive into the melodious celebration of Songs of Praise 2023 in Canada, as the enchanting New Year’s Eve special beckons on BBC iPlayer, on December 31, 2023. With luminaries like Katherine Jenkins and Aled Jones gracing the musical journey, this promises to be a harmonious experience. While the geographical confines of BBC iPlayer typically exclude Canada, a premium VPN allows you to watch Songs of Praise in Canada. 

As the New Year approaches, the anticipation builds for a cross-cultural showcase of talent, reflections, and joy. Join the worldwide audience in resonating with the spirit of Songs of Praise and savor the universal language of music in the heart of Canada.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Songs of Praise In Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch Songs of Praise

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch Songs of Praise on BBC iPlayer

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Songs of Praise on BBC iPlayer in Canada?

Geo-restrictions pose a challenge for viewers outside the UK trying to watch content on BBC iPlayer. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes essential as it helps bypass these restrictions by providing a UK IP address. This way, the streaming platform recognizes the viewer as being in the UK, eliminating the error message and allowing uninterrupted access to Songs of Praise.

Where To Watch Songs of Praise In Canada?

If you are in Canada and willing to stream Songs of Praise, then the only option available is BBC iPlayer. However, BBC iPlayer is geo-restricted and exclusively accessible in the UK, fans across the pond can seamlessly unlock this captivating content by utilizing a trustworthy VPN service.

Best VPN to Watch Songs of Praise In Canada

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What is the release date of Songs of Praise?

Don’t miss the spectacular New Year’s Eve special episode of Songs of Praise on December 31, 2023, exclusively on BBC. Experience the stellar performance of the Gospel Choir of the Year in a musical celebration you won’t want to overlook.

Songs of Praise Overview

Immerse yourself in the New Year’s Eve musical celebration organized by the BBC at Sheffield City Hall with Songs of Praise. Hosted by Katherine Jenkins, the event boasts exceptional talents like Aled Jones performing his co-written song, Brand New Day. The award-winning EAGA Gospel Choir will uplift with “Joyfully,” and classical soprano Carly Paoli will share her deeply personal message through “Pray.” 

This auspicious gathering promises a diverse and soulful experience, blending contemporary and classical elements. Join this memorable occasion on December 31, 2023, where the harmonious convergence of artists will make Songs of Praise a resonant celebration of hope, joy, and reflection on New Year’s Eve.

Songs of Praise Trailer

While there’s no official trailer for Songs of Praise yet, you can still catch up on the anticipation by revisiting previous episodes. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming New Year’s Eve special, promising a harmonious blend of music and celebration on BBC.

The Stellar Cast of Songs of Praise 

Here is the entire cast and crew involved in the making of the new episodes of Songs of Praise:

  • Katherine Jenkins
  • Kate Bottley,
  • Aled Jones
  • Wynne Evans
  • Ken Burton
  • Laura Wright.
  • Pam Rhodes
  • Sean Fletcher
  • Carly Paoli
  • EAGA Gospel Choir  as featured Artist
  • Matthew Napier as executive producer
  • Andrew O’Connell as executive producer
  • Karen Hannah as the Director

Fan Reviews 

Fans are expressing enthusiastic anticipation for the upcoming Songs of Praise New Year’s Eve special. Social media buzz is building as followers eagerly await performances by renowned artists like Aled Jones and the celebrated EAGA Gospel Choir. Excitement is palpable, with fans sharing their expectations and favorite moments from previous episodes. The prospect of a musical celebration in Sheffield City Hall has ignited a positive response, reflecting a collective eagerness to immerse in the harmonious atmosphere the show promises. As the event draws near, fan reactions are poised to escalate, showcasing the broad appeal and anticipation surrounding this annual musical spectacle.


What is the duration of the Singing in the New Year episode?

The episode is approximately 33 minutes long, offering a half-hour musical celebration to welcome the New Year.

Can I watch Songs of Praise on BBC iPlayer after it airs?

Yes, BBC iPlayer usually allows viewers to catch up on recent episodes, including special events like Singing in the New Year.

Are there any guest performances or collaborations in the New Year’s Eve special?

Absolutely! The episode features talented guests like Aled Jones and the award-winning EAGA Gospel Choir, promising captivating performances and collaborations.

Final Words

Canadians have the opportunity to revel in the global melodies of Songs of Praise on BBC iPlayer. With a premium VPN, the New Year’s Eve special becomes accessible, featuring iconic performances and reflections. Join the celebration as this cultural bridge extends to Canada, uniting viewers in the joyous spirit of the musical extravaganza. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience the harmonious fusion of talent and celebration on Songs of Praise.

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