How To Watch ‘Secret Chef’ In Canada On Hulu

Are cooking demonstrations your thing? If so! After that, you won’t want to skip several kitchen duties. A brand-new one with the interesting title “Secret Chef” will be made accessible on Hulu this summer. The show’s creator is Chef David Chang. A network of conveyor belts connects an underground kitchen maze where ten contestants are hidden.

The participants are guided on the show by a “mischievous animated talking chef hat” that provides the cook’s solutions to their troubles. The voice is a bit annoying, but I adore the hat. Watch Secret Chef in Canada on Hulu Premieres on June 29 and consist of 10 episodes.

Quick Steps: How to Watch secret chef online in canada

Follow these simple steps to watch secret chef

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to hulu

  5. Watch Secret Chef on hulu

Where can I watch Secret Chef online in Canada?

You can watch Secret Chef online in Canada on Hulu. This popular streaming platform is the home of the gripping series, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of rock, love, fame, and shattered dreams.

What’s great about watching Secret Chef on Hulu is that it offers a more affordable option than other streaming services. You can enjoy the thrilling series without breaking the bank.

When will Secret Chef release on Hulu

The captivating series will release on June 29 on Hulu, with all 10 episodes.

Official Synopsis

Ten chefs rate different foods anonymously through a series of blind tastings. With their identities hidden, everything will be hidden except what matters most – the food.


What is the Plot of Secret Chef

A mixture of professional chefs, home cooks, and social media personalities make up the 10 participants on the show. The program does not have any judges. Following a series of cooking tasks, the chefs will judge one another’s finished meals in a blind-tasting test. The only thing that counts is the meal because no one knows each other’s true identities. Nobody is aware of who prepared what meal.

Watch Secret Chef In Canada

That implies that the opinions will occasionally be direct and possibly offensive. Taste senses are going to be extremely important in this program since the cuisine will be assessed by other chefs. Additionally, because each person has a unique taste, just that person’s preferences will be taken into account while rating the meals. I like the concept of the show as the food is more likely to be the star.

What is the Star Cast of Secret Chef?

The star cast of the series Secret Chef includes talented actors who bring their characters to life with captivating performances. Here is a list of the Secret Chef cast:

Leon BrunsonSelf – Contestant
Sydney BuckSelf – Contestant
Anthony BarSelf – Contestant
Joshua WalboltSelf – Contestant
Stephenie SimmonsSelf – Contestant
Anthony LangstonSelf – Contestant
Alexa SantosSelf – Contestant
Poonam RibadiaSelf – Contestant
Jazmin TylerSelf – Contestant
Danielle HarrisSelf – Contestant

Is there any Trailer for the Series Secret Chef?

Yes, there is a trailer available for the series Secret Chef It can be found on YouTube, offering viewers a sneak peek of the show.

After seeing the show’s trailer, I can compare it to a secret-added version of “Top Chef” and “Chopped.” I’m sure I’ll be captivated after seeing the first episode of “Secret Chef” View the trailer below, then let us know what you think. Summertime eating enjoyment! I am all in!

If you’re eager to get a glimpse of what Secret Chef has in store, then you’re at the right place to start.

Episode guide of the show Secret Chef

EpisodeNameDescriptionAir Date
1.TeamworkA strange world of kitchens, conveyor belts, and alias names greets ten chefs with different culinary backgrounds when they awaken.29 Jun. 2023
2.PalateThe surviving chefs practice their “mis en place” while testing their palates. When Chef adds a twist to the competition and the secret tasting, the knives come out.29 Jun. 2023
3.VisionThe chefs compete against one another by preparing authentically and without tipping their hand in an effort to win over the other with a trademark dish.29 Jun. 2023
4.IngredientsThe chefs are given a unique box full of supplies designed to cook one simple dish as identities begin to come into focus. Cheffy, however, doesn’t give the cooks an easy ride.29 Jun. 2023
5.IngenuityThe chefs struggle with the elephant in the room – a white elephant actually – and they quickly learn which of them has sticky fingers. Cheffy’s electrifying tendencies bring two rivals to the brink.29 Jun. 2023

Episode guide part 2:

EpisodeNameDescriptionAir Date
6.EfficiencyIn a fishy challenge, two cooks try to “tuna-round” their luck. Others tune in to watch as you prepare a supper from long ago. The top-rated cooks are compelled by Cheffy to make a life-altering choice.29 Jun. 2023
7.ImprovisationThe surviving chefs may unwind for a time as Cheffy prepares a unique challenge, but there is always a catch. A second chance to win the $100,000 reward is also given to someone.29 Jun. 2023
8.TechniqueCheffy challenges the remaining cooks to a rice challenge with a global flair in “No Pain, No Grain.” A well-known chef flies in for a brief greeting. The reviews experience an unexplained problem. But is it deliberate?29 Jun. 2023
9.ResourcefulnessOne of the three remaining cooks has a hidden edge but is completely unaware of it. With just ONE item, Cheffy discovers exactly how resourceful these cooks can be.29 Jun. 2023
10.Final MenuThe last two cooks must put up a magnificent three-course dinner for a very important visitor. Who’s that? You’ll have to watch; we won’t give you any spoilers in the program summary! Jeez.29 Jun. 2023

Ratings and Reviews of the Show

Currently, no ratings and reviews are available for the show we will update you as soon as we get the information.

Fans Reaction

Best VPNs to watch Secret Chef Online

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Who are the stars of Secret Chef?

Leon Brunson
Anthony Langston
Sydney Buck

What are the Taglines for Secret Chef?

Cook in Secret, Taste, Judge in Secret.


“The culinary TV landscape in Canada has undergone a profound revolution thanks to ‘Secret Chef’ on Hulu, a show that seamlessly blends the thrill of suspense with exceptional culinary expertise. This captivating series is a must-see for food enthusiasts and fans of engaging narratives, as it has captivated viewers with its unique format, mysterious Secret Chef, and extraordinary gastronomy.”


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