How To Watch ‘Professor T Season 2’ In Canada On PBS For FREE

Amid global anticipation, the fans eagerly await the encore of Professor T Season 2 in Canada. Set to be unveiled on September 3, 2023, fans are excitedly on the edge of their seats. Yet, for viewers around the world, the intellectual charm of this show continues to shine through PBS in Canada, a portal opened by the skillful use of a VPN.

Deep within PBS resides a realm of enchantment, where stories flourish like celestial constellations. In this space, cinematic masterpieces, cooking shows, and mesmerizing tales seamlessly intertwine, welcoming everyone to embark on an eternal adventure within the wondrous realm of storytelling.

Calling all television enthusiasts and mystery lovers – get ready to be engrossed in the enthralling universe of criminology and the intricacies of human psychology as Professor T embarks on its eagerly awaited Season 2. With Ben Miller stepping back into the enigmatic criminologist’s shoes, the show promises a more profound examination of his troubled mind and a thrilling array of criminal puzzles to unravel.

Quick Steps: How to watch Professor T Season 2 in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch Professor T Season 2

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Professor T Season 2 on PBS

Why do We Need a VPN to Watch the Series?

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Where can I watch Professor T Season 2 online for free in Canada?

Viewers in Canada, your patience is about to pay off! Professor T Season 2 is just around the corner, set to debut on September 3, 2023, exclusively on Nine PBS. You can stay up-to-date by watching the episodes as they are broadcast on the Nine PBS live stream. Plus, for those craving a binge-watching experience, Nine PBS Passport offers the opportunity to enjoy all six episodes consecutively on the premiere day for a modest monthly subscription fee of just $5.

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Check out the trailer of Professor T Season 2

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic realm of Professor T Season 2 with a captivating trailer. Ben Miller returns to his role as the enigmatic criminologist, offering intriguing glimpses of suspense, drama, and mystery that lie ahead. Follow DS Lisa Donckers (Emma Naomi) and her dedicated team as they embark on their quest for truth amidst the hallowed halls of Cambridge University. The trailer tantalizes with hints of Professor T’s enigmatic past, setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated psychological drama.

Official Synopsis

“Professor Jasper Tempest and the team untangle a series of knotty crimes ranging from an unexplained fire in a student block to the mystery of an entire family found dead in their home. Meanwhile, Professor T is dominated and perplexed by the women in his life, from his mother to the love of his life Christina, and his new therapist, Dr. Helena.”


Exciting News: Professor T Season 2’s release date has been revealed!

The much-awaited moment arrived on September 16, 2022, when Professor T Season 2 graced the screens of ITVX in the UK, triggering the countdown for fans. The stage is set for its American debut on September 3, 2023, exclusively on Nine PBS. The buzz around this season has been electric, fueled by the unresolved mysteries from the first season, particularly the lingering question surrounding the professor’s potential involvement in his father’s tragic death

Meet the cast of Professor T Season 2

As Professor T unravels the complexities of criminal psychology, he is accompanied by an exceptional ensemble, whose names are thoughtfully listed below:

Ben MillerProfessor Jasper Tempest (Cambridge University criminologist)
Emma NaomiDS Lisa Donckers
Barney WhiteDS Dan Winters
Juliet AubreyDCI Christina Brand (Police Chief and the Professor’s former fiancée also)
Frances de la TourAdelaide Tempest (Professor’s mother)
Sarah WoodwardIngrid Snares (Professor’s personal assistant)
Juliet StevensonDr Helena Goldberg

Obsession, Brilliance, and Crime: Exploring the World of Professor T

The heart of Professor T beats around the enigmatic Professor Jasper Tempest, impeccably portrayed by Ben Miller, a criminologist ensconced in Cambridge University. It takes its cues from the Belgian TV series with the same title. Professor T’s extraordinary intellect and unparalleled aptitude for unraveling crimes make him an indispensable asset to law enforcement. However, his brilliance is accompanied by the challenges of obsessive-compulsive disorder and a marked aversion towards those he deems intellectually inferior. The show effortlessly blends intricate crime-solving with the professor’s inner struggles, constructing a riveting storyline that delves deep into the human psyche.

Reflecting on Professor T Season 1

The show’s first season concluded with a jaw-dropping flashback that hinted at the professor’s potential role in his father’s demise, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. This intriguing revelation paves the way for an enthralling exploration in the upcoming season. Professor T’s one-of-a-kind personality traits, marked by his fastidiousness and unyielding obsession with order, have endeared him to and tested the patience of the police team he works alongside.

Watch Season 1 of Professor T on Apple TV+.

How many episodes of Professor T Season 2 are there?

Professor T Season 2 invites viewers to embark on an immersive voyage across six enthralling episodes, exploring the complexities of human behavior and criminal psychology. A fresh enigma unfolds with each episode, compelling the professor and his team to unravel mysteries that will maintain peak suspense throughout the season.

Episode No.Release DateTitleSummary
1Sep 16, 2022Ring of FireFollowing a house fire that leaves a student severely burned and comatose, Professor T joins the CID team’s investigation as evidence suggests the victim was drugged, uncovering a web of intrigue.
2Sep 23, 2022The Mask MurdersA prominent barrister and his wife are found shot dead in a manner eerily reminiscent of a case he prosecuted years ago. The team delves into baffling parallels, questioning coincidences that lead to a perplexing puzzle.
3Sep 30, 2022The FamilyThe death of an artisan baker brings a complex case to light involving a convicted murderer’s son. As the investigation unfolds, familial ties, testimonies, and convictions blur lines, casting doubt on what initially seemed straightforward.
4Oct 14, 2022DNA of a MurdererThe accidental discovery of an undercover officer’s body entangles the CID team in a more extensive operation against a major trafficker. Loyalties and allegiances are tested as the team delves deeper into the complex situation.
5Oct 21, 2022The TrialProfessor T’s lectures about a high-profile murder trial take an unexpected turn as he passionately advocates for the accused caretaker’s innocence, clashing with the CID team and the lead investigator, DI Paul Rabbits.
6Oct 21, 2022SwansongThe accidental discovery of an undercover officer’s body entangles the CID team in a larger operation against a major trafficker. Loyalties and allegiances are tested as the team delves deeper into the complex situation.

What’s the plot of Professor T Season 2?

In Season 2 of Professor T, we plunge deeper into the professor’s tumultuous past as he and his mother, Adelaide, embark on a therapeutic journey. This exploration brings long-buried secrets that shed light on the professor’s troubled childhood. Set against the hallowed halls of Cambridge University, the season seamlessly combines psychological intrigue with the art of criminal investigation. The season opener catapults the CID team into action as they join forces with Professor T to unravel a perplexing case involving a student left in a coma after a suspicious house fire. With signs of drugging and deliberate arson, this enigma sets the stage for a season brimming with suspense.

Here are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings of Professor T

Professor T IMDbProfessor T Rotten Tomatoes

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Is Professor T known for its plot twists?

Yes, Professor T often incorporates unexpected plot twists and turns, keeping viewers engaged and eager to uncover the mysteries within each episode.

When will Professor T Season 2 premiere on PBS?

Professor T Season 2 premiered on September 16, 2022, in the UK, and it is set to premiere in the US on September 3, 2023.

Can I watch Professor T if I haven’t seen the first season?

Yes, you can. While there may be references to events from the first season, Professor T often presents standalone cases in each episode, allowing new viewers to jump into Season 2 without feeling lost.

Wrapping Up!

As Professor T Season 2 takes the stage, viewers are about to embark on a thrilling journey into the depths of criminal minds and the intricacies of human psychology. Featuring an exceptional cast, a riveting storyline, and intriguing secrets from the professor’s past, the show guarantees a captivating fusion of psychological drama and expert crime-solving. Get ready to mark your calendars, set those reminders, and brace yourself for an enthralling dive into Professor T’s enigmatic world.

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