Watch ‘Nature Season 42’ Canada on PBS

The acclaimed series Nature is making its return for its 42nd season on PBS, promising an enchanting voyage into the wonders of the natural world. Watch Nature Season 42 Canada beginning on October 18, 2023. This season presents a captivating lineup of episodes delving into various aspects of our planet’s ecosystems, from the enigmatic life of the platypus to the incredible journeys of small creatures. Accessible through PBS and the PBS app, the show brings the beauty of the natural world directly to your home. If you encounter streaming issues with PBS, remember to utilize a trustworthy and secure VPN. Additionally, take a moment to explore some of the top PBS shows currently available for viewing!

Quick Steps: How to Watch PBS in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch PBS in Canada

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Nature Season 42 on PBS

Where to Watch Nature Season 42 Canada Online?

Now, viewing Nature Season 42 on PBS in Canada is possible with a VPN. Here are the available plans and pricing for the streaming service. Furthermore, for those interested in watching Nature Season 42 without any charges, consider exploring PBS’s free trial offering. Additionally, we’ve put together a guide for those seeking to watch PBS without a cable subscription!

PBS live streamFREE
PBS Passport CA$6.80/ Month (CA$81.55/ Year)

Best VPN to Watch Nature Season 42 in Canada

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When Can You Start Exploring the Natural World with Nature Season 42?

Mark your calendars for a spectacular journey into the wild with Nature, returning to enchant audiences with its 42nd season on October 18, 2023. The acclaimed series, celebrated for its breathtaking visuals and compelling storytelling, will unveil a fresh array of episodes, each offering a unique window into the mesmerizing wonders of the natural world.

Tune in every Wednesday at 8/7c on PBS to explore diverse ecosystems, encounter fascinating wildlife, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring narratives of our planet’s incredible landscapes and inhabitants.

Nature Season 42 Plot

Embark on a multifaceted journey with Nature this season, as it unveils a tapestry of tales from the enchanting realms of the natural world. Viewers will be introduced to the dedicated mission of a man in Tasmania, striving to comprehend and safeguard the enigmatic platypus, providing a rare glimpse into the secretive life of this unique creature. Additionally, a four-part special employs innovative animatronic spy cameras, venturing into the vast, unexplored expanses of ocean life, revealing secrets of the underwater world. Another series casts a spotlight on the monumental journeys of small animals, narrating their epic quests in search of homes or mates, and showcasing the sheer magnitude of their perseverance and resilience.

Nature Season 42 Trailer

The trailer for Nature Season 42 below is offering a sneak peek into the enchanting worlds and stories that will be explored throughout the season.

Nature IMDb Ratings

Nature has garnered a remarkable IMDb rating of 8.9, reflecting its stellar reputation and the high regard it holds among viewers. This impressive score underscores the series’ ability to consistently deliver captivating narratives, stunning visuals, and insightful explorations into the diverse ecosystems of our planet. Audiences have lauded its compelling storytelling and the immersive experiences it offers, solidifying Nature as a pinnacle of documentary filmmaking in the realm of natural history and wildlife.

Nature Season 52 Genre

Nature seamlessly blends the genres of family and documentary, crafting episodes that are not only visually stunning and informatively rich but also universally accessible and engaging for all age groups. The series invites families to embark together on awe-inspiring journeys into the wild, exploring the marvels and mysteries of the natural world through meticulously crafted documentaries. Each episode serves as a window into diverse ecosystems, offering enlightening insights and fostering a collective appreciation for the enchanting beauty and intrinsic value of our planet’s flora and fauna.


Has any information related to Season 43 of Nature been released?

Currently, no information has been released for Nature Season 43

What is the genre for Nature?

The genre for the show Nature is Environment and Nature

Is Nature Season 42 on Netflix?

No, Nature Season 42 is not on Netflix


Nature Season 42 promises to be a visual spectacle, offering viewers an intimate look into the wonders and mysteries of the natural world. From exploring the secretive world of the platypus to diving deep into the ocean with spy cameras, the series invites viewers on a global journey that celebrates the beauty, diversity, and resilience of nature.


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