How To Watch ‘Human Footprint’ Season 1 On PBS in Canada

If you’re in Canada and eager to delve into the fascinating world of Human Footprint Season 1, airing on PBS, you’re in luck! Starting July 19, this captivating documentary series will be available for viewers in Canada to watch and be part of the thought-provoking exploration of human impact on our planet.

Through the lens of PBS, this eye-opening journey unveils the interconnected web of our consumption patterns and environmental consequences. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the astonishing revelations and gain valuable insights.

Tune in to PBS on July 19 and embark on a transformative experience with “Human Footprint” Season 1.

Quick Steps: How To Watch 'Human Footprint On PBS in Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch Human Footprint Season 1

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Human Footprint on PBS

Human Footprint Season 1- Release Date

Human Footprint is highly anticipated by fans, set to release, on PBS on July 19, 2023. With production commencing in early 2022, the exact plot and release date have been shrouded in secrecy, leaving viewers eager for more information.

However, as news begins to circulate, fans are advised to exercise patience, as official announcements are expected shortly. Rest assured, as soon as the details become public knowledge, we will promptly update the release section, ensuring everyone stays informed about this captivating series that explores the impact of human activities on our planet.

Where else to watch Human Footprint Season 1 in Canada?

Apart from PBS, viewers in Canada can also watch “Human Footprint” Season 1 on several other channels. Some of the channels where the series may be available include:

  1. CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  2. Discovery Canada
  3. National Geographic Canada
  4. History Canada
  5. T+E (Travel and Escape)
  6. Documentary Channel
  7. OLN (Outdoor Life Network)
  8. Knowledge Network

Make sure to check your local listings or consult your cable/satellite provider for specific airing times and channel availability. Don’t miss out on this captivating documentary series as it unveils the intricate human impact on our planet.

Human Footprint Season 1 – About Us

“Human Footprint” Season 1 takes viewers on a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between humanity and the world we call home. This groundbreaking documentary series goes beyond surface-level discussions and delves deep into the multifaceted impact of human activities on our planet.

Through captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and expert insights, each episode offers a thought-provoking and eye-opening experience.

Watch Human Footprint Season 1 in Canada

From the bustling cities to the untouched wilderness, “Human Footprint” uncovers the far-reaching consequences of our choices, habits, and innovations. It invites viewers to reflect on the collective responsibility we bear and inspires us to take meaningful action toward a more sustainable future.

By shining a light on the diverse aspects of our footprint, the series sparks conversations, raises awareness, and encourages viewers to become agents of positive change in their own lives and communities. Join us on this enlightening journey as we strive to understand the profound mark we leave on Earth and work towards creating a more harmonious coexistence between humanity and our planet.

Get a sneak peek: Watch the trailer for the Human Footprint Season 1

Official Synopsis

Showcasing the ways humans are transforming the planet and what those changes tell us about who we are as a species.


Introducing the Talented Cast of Human Footprint Season 1

In Human Footprint Season 1, viewers can expect Shane Campbell-Staton to take the helm as the host, leading us on a captivating exploration of our impact on Earth. The series comprises six episodes that delve into a diverse range of subjects. From invasive species that pose both ecological threats and cultural significance, to the fascinating evolution of wolves and their interaction with humans.

The episodes also shed light on the journey of five species that adapted alongside us to become dominant worldwide and the intricate relationship between modern cities and their residents. Additionally, the series delves into the science and background of a crop with a disproportionately significant environmental impact.


When will Human Footprint Season 1 air on PBS in Canada?

Human Footprint Season 1 is scheduled to air on PBS in Canada starting on July 19.

What channel is PBS on in Canada?

PBS can be found on various channels depending on your cable or satellite provider. Please check your local listings or consult your provider for the specific channel number.

Can I stream Human Footprint Season 1 online in Canada?

Yes, you may be able to stream “Human Footprint” Season 1 on the official PBS website or through their streaming platform, depending on your subscription and availability in your region. Please visit the PBS website or check with your streaming service provider for more information.

Final Thoughts

As Human Footprint Season 1 concludes its captivating journey in Canada, viewers are left with a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between human actions and the environment.

Through its thought-provoking storytelling and eye-opening revelations, the series has successfully shed light on the vast impact humans have on our planet. It has inspired reflection and encouraged viewers to consider their consumption patterns and behaviors.

Human Footprint Season 1 has served as a powerful catalyst for change, urging individuals to make conscious choices that contribute to a more sustainable future. Its legacy will undoubtedly continue to resonate, motivating us all to minimize our footprint and protect our precious planet.

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