Watch ‘Big Little Journeys’ In Canada On BBC iPlayer for FREE

An enchanting exploration! Watch Big Little Journeys in Canada premiered on 8 October 2023 on BBC iPlayer. A British nature series that unveils the astonishing adventures of tiny creatures as they navigate through diverse and challenging landscapes. To stream the series you need a VPN because it unblocks the regional restrictions and allows you to watch the show without any interruption.

From the Brazilian rainforests to the lush settings of Madagascar, these tiny creatures, such as the endangered golden-headed lion tamarins and the elusive Formosan pangolins, set out on journeys in search of sustenance, kinship, and survival. They triumph over challenges and encounter formidable predators as they navigate their paths.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Big Little Journeys In Canada For FREE

Follow these simple steps to watch Big Little Journeys

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to BBC iPlayer

  5. Watch Big Little Journeys on BBC iPlayer

Where Can I Stream Big Little Journeys In Canada For FREE?

You can access Big Little Journeys on BBC iPlayer. If you’re in Canada, using a VPN to connect to a UK server allows you to enjoy the captivating stories of these small creatures.

BBC iPlayer extends a free trial period to its users, along with the convenience of multiple device compatibility. You can find the subscription rates for BBC iPlayer listed below.

Subscription PlanPrice in CAD
Yearly TV License Fee$236.46
Weekly Cost$4.49
Monthly Cost$19.49

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Big Little Journeys Reveal Its Release Date

The documentary was released on BBC iPlayer at 8 pm on Sunday, October 8, 2023, consisting of three 60-minute episodes, each unfolding the riveting tales of small animals and their daunting quests across various terrains.

Get A Sneak Peek: Watch Big Little Journeys

“Big Little Journeys” offers a brief sneak peek through its trailer, providing a glimpse of the incredible animals that will grace the documentary series. Take a moment to watch the trailer below and get a taste of what’s in store.

Everything You Need To Know About Big Little Journeys

Big Little Journeys is a new British documentary that invites viewers into the extraordinary worlds of six tiny creatures as they embark on life-defining journeys through rainforests, mountains, and wetlands. These remarkable animals face enormous challenges, including encounters with giant predators and surviving natural disasters, all while searching for food, family, and survival. The featured creatures include a family of endangered golden-headed lion tamarins in Brazil’s Atlantic rainforest, an unusual Labord’s chameleon with a remarkably short six-month lifespan in Madagascar, and the rare Formosan pangolin in Taiwan, known as the world’s most trafficked animal.

Meet the Cast of Big Little Journeys

  • Aaron Pierre – The voice guiding us – Narrator
  • Amy Young – The vision at the helm – Producer
  • Nicola Kowalski – Orchestrating the show’s logistics – Production Manager
  • Paul Williams – Crafting the narrative – Series Producer
  • Rosemary Edwards – The guiding force and final say – Executive Producer

What are Twitter Fan’s Reactions on the Voice of the Narrator?

The comments regarding the narration in the BBC2 series Big Little Journeys highlight mixed opinions. While one individual praises Aaron Pierre’s beautifully modulated and unique voice as an actor, another expresses disappointment, feeling that the narrator lacks passion in his delivery. This divergence in opinions reflects the subjective nature of voiceovers and the impact they can have on the audience’s perception of a show.

Detailed Episode Guide of Big Little Journeys

Three episodes make up the season, and you may watch them all at once on BBC iPlayer. Each episode is 60 minutes long. Below is a list of the episodes.

Episode 1 | Painted Turtle, Canada | 8 October 2023

A tiny infant turtle hatches from its egg and emerges next to a roadway. It’s completely alone and is attempting to locate a wetland pond where it can establish its home. However, a significant challenge arises: it must determine a way to navigate Highway 60, a busy road frequented by large trucks and inhabited by perilous creatures such as ravens and foxes. Despite the daunting circumstances, the turtle has no alternative but to endeavor to cross the road.

Episode 2 | Pangolin, Taiwan | 8 October 2023

A young pangolin native to Taiwan embarks on a journey to seek a partner before the breeding season concludes. This quest holds immense significance due to the alarming levels of pangolin trafficking worldwide. During his journey, he encounters a sizable cobra and relishes feasting on tree-dwelling ants. Ultimately, he reaches the outermost boundaries of the territory he is familiar with.

Episode 3 | Chameleon, Madagascar | 8 October 2023

In this episode, we observe the life of a chameleon, whose existence spans a mere six months. It commences when she hatches from her egg and emerges from the foliage, a newborn of only a few minutes. As we trace her path, we also witness her eventual demise, an event the filmmakers have characterized as profoundly sorrowful and poignant, yet oddly captivating in its beauty.

Reddit Review Of Big Little Journeys

In the Reddit community, there is so much buzz around the new BBC documentary Big Little Journeys. It stated “Episode 1 of Big Little Journeys – A tiny female turtle hatchling toils at escape the confines of her egg in the velvety twilight. She discovers herself on a dangerous highway edge rather than a sandy beach.” Read the full story here.

What are the Animals On Big Little Journeys?

Following is the list of six tiny animals.

  • Painted turtle
  • Mohol bushbaby
  • Formosan pangolin
  • Golden headed lion tamarin
  • Kirindy Forest chameleon
  • Water vole

Fan’s Reactions On Big Little Journeys

Where was Big Little Journeys filmed?

In the series, you’ll witness the expeditions of small animals as they traverse a variety of natural landscapes, which encompass rainforests, mountains, wetlands, and territories such as Canada, the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil, Madagascar, and Taiwan.

Expert Reviews On Big Little Journeys

“A new wildlife series from the BBC Natural History Unit which, bizarrely, admits from the get-go that what you’re about to see didn’t really happen.”


What Else To Watch On BBC iPlayer In Canada?


Is Big Little Journeys

available on Hulu?

No, it is not available on Hulu.

Is Big Little Journeys based on a true story?

Yes, it is based in real life story.

What is the genre of Big Little Journeys?

It falls under the category of documentary.

Sum Up

The show Big Little Journeys takes you on a captivating exploration of the remarkable and challenging journeys undertaken by some of the smallest creatures in the animal kingdom. Using cutting-edge filming techniques and scientific research, it provides a one-of-a-kind viewing experience. From a courageous baby turtle braving perilous landscapes to a young pangolin on a quest for love, each episode unveils a story of determination, survival, and the unwavering spirit of nature’s tiniest inhabitants.

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