How To Watch ‘And Just Like That’ On Max In Canada

Canucks! Watch And Just Like That in Canada premiered on MAX on 22 June 2023. It is the highly anticipated revival of the hit TV series “Sex and the City,” has fans around the world eagerly awaiting its release. If you’re in Canada and wondering how to catch up with Carrie Bradshaw and her friends, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to watch “And Just Like That” on Max in Canada, ensuring you don’t miss a single fashionable moment.

Quick Steps: And Just Like That In Canada

Follow these simple steps to watch And Just Like That

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Max

  5. Watch And Just Like That on Max

Where To Watch And Just Like That Outside USA?

“And Just Like That” can be enjoyed by fans around the globe, even In Canada. Here are some popular channels and streaming platforms where you can catch the series:

  1. HBO (International): HBO has an international presence, allowing viewers in various countries to watch “And Just Like That” on their local HBO channels.
  2. Sky Atlantic: Viewers in the United Kingdom can tune in to Sky Atlantic to catch the latest episodes of “And Just Like That.”
  3. Crave: Canadian fans can stream the series on Crave, which offers a variety of subscription options for on-demand viewing.
  4. Foxtel: Australian viewers can indulge in “And Just Like That” by tuning in to Foxtel, a popular cable and streaming service in the region.

Remember to check local listings and streaming services in your country for specific airing details and availability of “And Just Like That” outside the USA.

And Just Like That – Release Date

Mark your calendars for June 22nd as “And Just Like That” makes its highly-anticipated return on Max with Season 2. Get ready for weekly excitement, as new episodes drop every Thursday, keeping you hooked on the captivating adventures of your favorite characters.

Everything You Need To Know About And Just Like That Reveals

“And Just Like That” is a highly anticipated television series that follows the lives of beloved characters from the iconic show “Sex and the City” as they navigate their way through the next chapter of their lives. Set in the vibrant and ever-evolving city of New York, the series delves into the complexities of friendship, love, and self-discovery in a modern world. The show reunites audiences with Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes, who continue to captivate viewers with their wit, charm, and relatable experiences. With its clever storytelling, engaging characters, and stylish portrayal of New York City, “And Just Like That” promises to be a nostalgic and compelling exploration of life’s triumphs and tribulations.

Watch And Just Like That In Canada

In this new chapter, the characters of “And Just Like That” find themselves facing new challenges and embracing the changes that come with age and evolving relationships. Carrie Bradshaw, a renowned writer, now shares her insights on love and life in a different stage of her career. Charlotte York, a successful art dealer, balances her roles as a mother and a wife while seeking personal fulfillment. Meanwhile, Miranda Hobbes, a high-powered lawyer, grapples with the complexities of marriage and the pursuit of her own happiness. Together, they navigate the complexities of modern relationships, tackle social issues, and prove that friendship and sisterhood can endure the test of time. “And Just Like That” promises to capture the hearts of fans old and new as it explores the ongoing journey of these beloved characters in a contemporary world.

And Just Like That: Season 2 Trailer Unveils New Twists and Turns in the Lives of Iconic Characters

Meet the Star-Studded Cast of And Just Like That

The following main cast members have been confirmed to be appearing in the new season of And Just Like That:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
  • Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes
  • Kristin Davis as Charlotte York Goldenblatt
  • Cathy Ang as Lily Goldenblatt
  • Mario Cantone as Anthony Marentino
  • Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel
  • John Corbett as Aidan Shaw
  • Niall Cunningham as Brady Hobbes
  • David Eigenberg as Steve Brady
  • Evan Handler as Harry Goldenblatt
  • Chris Jackson as Herbert Wexley
  • Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley
  • Karen Pittman as Dr Nya Wallace
  • Alexa Swinton as Rock Goldenblatt
  • Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz

Best VPNs to Watch And Just Like That On Max Outside USA

We have assessed the leading two reliable VPN providers that can be trusted for watching And Just Like That On Max Outside USA. Our comprehensive investigation was dedicated to confirming the dependability of these VPNs, particularly for this specific objective.

  • ExpressVPN is a top-tier VPN service, primarily because of its rapid server connections. The subscription plans begin at a rate of GB£ 5.52 per month (approximately US$ 6.67 per month) with a generous 49% discount, and if you commit to a full year, you also receive an extra three months free.
  • NordVPN is an excellent VPN option because its extensive server network helps unblock sites from any location. You can save 60% with their 2-year plan, which costs only £2.89 a month (about US$3.49).


Will there be a 2nd season of And Just Like That?

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis are all returning for Season 2, as well as the majority of the And Just Like That newcomers, including Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley, Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel, Karen Pittman as Dr. Nya Wallace, and Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz

How many episodes are in And Just Like That?

In May 2023, Max finally revealed that And Just Like That season 2 will debut on June 22 while also confirming that there will be a total of 11 episodes. Two are set to premiere on the first Thursday, with the following nine released weekly throughout the summer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, HBO Max can be accessed with a VPN provider if you live outside the United States and wish to watch And Just Like That. In order to have a satisfying viewing experience, check the subscription options and availability in your area.

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