Watch ‘1000 lb Sisters Season 5’ In Canada On TLC

Watch 1000 lb Sisters Season 5 in Canada on TLC will be released on December 12, 2023.

The highly anticipated return of the beloved reality TV series brings fresh narratives from the past season. This season delves further into Tammy and Amy Slaton’s journey, exploring weight loss, relationships, and family dynamics with captivating depth. Tammy’s return to Kentucky amid marital strain prioritizes her health, yet the challenge lies in navigating grief after Caleb’s passing. Simultaneously, Amy faces a divorce while caring for her children, adding layers to the sisters’ compelling stories.

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Where To Watch 1000 lb Sisters Season 5?

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Release Date of 1000 lb Sisters Season 5

The hit reality TV series premieres on 12 December 2023 on TLC at 9 PM ET/PT.

1000 lb Sisters Season 5 About

Season 5 of 1000-lb Sisters showcases a pivotal moment for Tammy as she achieves a remarkable weight loss milestone post-rehab. The addition of half-siblings Amanda and Misty contemplating weight loss adds intrigue, while Amy deals with home management and a strained marriage. This season offers a mix of family dynamics, personal triumphs, and the sisters’ resilience, keeping audiences eagerly awaiting each episode.

IMDb Rating6/10
GenreReality Tv
No. of Seasons5

Watch 1000 lb Sisters Season 5 Trailer

The much-anticipated Season 5 of TLC’s hit reality show “1000-lb Sisters” is set to return, bringing with it new challenges, triumphs, and dramatic twists in the lives of Kentucky sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton. Fans have been eagerly awaiting updates since the conclusion of Season 4, and the latest news promises an enthralling season.

Amy Slaton’s New Challenges

Amy’s storyline in Season 5 will delve into her life as a mother of two and the shocking news of her divorce from Michael Halterman. The season promises to document the events leading to their split, showcasing Amy’s struggles in managing her household and the ensuing drama.

Official Synopsis

“The Slaton sisters, averaging over 1,000 pounds, have always depended on each other for support. Now in their 30s, Amy wants to have children but cannot due to her weight, while her older sister Tammy is almost bedridden.”


Meet the Cast of 1000 lb Sisters Season 5

  • Tammy Slaton
  • Amy Slaton
  • Charles Procter
  • Michael Halterman
  • Chris Combs
  • Jerry Sykes
  • Chris Slaton
  • Caleb Willingham
  • Amanda Slaton
  • Erik Luna

What is the Recap of 1000 lb Sisters Season 4?

Season 4 starts with Tammy’s health crisis, leading to rehab. Amy’s pregnancy adds tension. Amy reconciles with Tammy in rehab. Health scares, family loss, and challenges test them. Chris pursues surgery. Robbery, health emergencies, new relationships, and a rushed wedding stir emotions, leaving Tammy hesitant.

Comprehensive Episode Guide of 1000 lb Sisters Season 5

Following are the episodes of the new season.

Episode 1 | Bringing Home the Bacon | 12 December 2023

After treatment, Tammy goes home to confront tough choices and a troubled marriage. Both Misty and Amanda have bariatric surgery.

  • Episode 2 | Fork You! I’m Done! | 19 December 2023
  • Episode 3 | Well-Done and Over With | 26 December 2023

Reddit Review On 1000 lb Sisters Season 5

The discussion on Reddit revolves around the anticipation for another season of “1000-lb Sisters,” fueled by speculation about the family’s drama and potential plotlines. Viewers express expectations for more seasons, acknowledging the show’s ability to generate revenue. Details of divorces, arrests, and family conflicts trigger debates, with some highlighting the lack of concrete evidence behind certain claims. Observations about the cast’s legal statuses and camera sightings at court hearings add to the ongoing discussion. The overall consensus leans towards the belief that the show’s success might warrant more seasons, with TLC possibly capitalizing on the family’s challenges for future content.

Amy Slaton’s Struggles as a Mother and Wife

In a revealing teaser for Season 5, Amy, aged 36, shares her struggles with balancing motherhood and her responsibilities towards her sister, Tammy Slaton. The teaser shows a family photoshoot turning chaotic, highlighting the challenges Amy faces with her two sons, Glenn and Gage. Amy’s candid confessional sheds light on her feelings of being overwhelmed and lacking support.

The Hype of 1000 lb Sisters Season 5


Did 1000 lb sisters season 4 end?

No, it is renewed for the season 5 premiere on 12 December 2023.

Where is 1000 lb Sisters filmed?

The series was filmed in Florida.

Did Chris from 1000 sisters get surgery?

Chris sought medical help for his health, undergoing weight loss surgery in Season 3 of 1000-lb Sisters, finding his journey smoother than his sisters.

Final Words

Amid divorce, custody battles, and grief, the latest TLC season featuring two sisters promises an emotional rollercoaster. Brace for a mix of sweetness, entertainment, romance, and gripping drama in the anticipated episodes.

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