How To Watch ‘Marie Antoinette Season 1’ in Canada

Get ready to step into the opulent world of 18th-century France when you watch Marie Antoinette Season 1. This highly anticipated historical series is coming on PBS in the US. Its first episode was released on March 19, 2023, at 10 PM ET/ 7 PM PT.

But what about our Canadian friends who are eagerly awaiting the release of this captivating show? Fear not, for with the power of a VPN, you can watch this show, no matter where you are in the Great White North. Get ready to watch the journey of Marie Antoinette played by Emilia Schüle. Whether you are in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, or Alberta, you’ll be able to watch the show with a VPN. 

Quick Steps: How to Watch Marie Antoinette Season 1 online

Follow these simple steps to watch Marie Antoinette Season 1

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to PBS

  5. Watch Marie Antoinette Season 1 on PBS

What is the release date of Marie Antoinette Season 1?

The highly anticipated season 1 was released on March 19, 2023. So, get ready to immerse in drama, intrigue, and tons of plot twists as the release date of this historical drama is near.

Where to watch Marie Antoinette Season 1 online?

While the show will be airing on PBS in the US, our Canadian friends will need to take a different route to watch the series. But never fear, with the power of VPN, you can easily bypass any geographical restrictions and experience the lavish lifestyle of the French court, no matter where in Canada you reside.

What is Marie Antoinette Season 1 about?

Watch Marie Antoinette Season 1

Marie Antoinette Season 1 is a historical drama series that takes place during the reign of the infamous Queen of France. Set in the late 18th century, the show explores the lavish and often scandalous lifestyle of the French court, as well as the political upheaval that ultimately led to the French Revolution.

The series is a perfect blend of drama, romance, and intrigue, transporting viewers back in time to witness the opulent lifestyle of the French monarchy. However, beyond the glitz and glamor, Marie Antoinette Season 1 delves deeper into the complex and often tumultuous relationships between the Queen, her family, and the court.

What is the plot of Marie Antoinette Season 1?

Marie Antoinette Season 1 follows the story of the young Austrian princess, Marie Antoinette, as she marries the future king of France, Louis XVI, and navigates the complex world of the French court. The series portrays the extravagant and often scandalous lifestyle of the French monarchy, as well as the political upheaval and social unrest that led to the French Revolution.

Throughout the season, viewers witness Marie’s struggles to fit into her new role as queen, the challenges of her marriage to the socially awkward Louis, and her relationships with the courtiers who surround her. The series also explores the tensions between the French and Austrian monarchies, as well as the growing discontent among the French people towards the ruling elite.

Marie Antoinette Season 1 official trailer

With lavish costumes, stunning set designs, and a talented cast, the Marie Antoinette Season 1 official trailer is sure to leave you anticipating the show.

What’s the cast of Marie Antoinette Season 1?

Watch Marie Antoinette Season 1

Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerizing performances of the Marie Antoinette Season 1 cast. Alongside the talented Emilia Schüle, viewers will be captivated by the talented supporting cast, who bring the drama, romance, and political intrigue of 18th-century France to life on the screen. 

The rest of the Marie Antoinette season 1 cast includes:

  • James Purefoy as Louis XV
  • Louis Cunningham as Louis XVI
  • Jack Archer as Provence
  • Jasmine Blackborow as Lamballe
  • Caroline Piette as Victoire
  • Crystal Shepherd-Cross as Adelaide
  • Nathan Willcocks as Mercy
  • Roxane Duran as Joséphine
  • Marthe Keller as The Empress
  • Gaia Weiss as Madame Du Barry
  • Oscar Lesage as Chartres
  • Liah O’Prey as Yolande
  • Yoli Fuller as Saint-Georges
  • Martijn Lakemeier as Axel von Fersen
  • Jonas Bloquet as Joseph II
  • Laura Benson as Madame de Noailles

What are the reviews of Marie Antoinette Season 1?

It is sometimes strange, funny, grotesque in places, with a gorgeous if occasionally oppressive score.

The Guardian 

[Deborah Davis] strips away the historical libels and the centuries of republican propaganda to reveal a pitifully vulnerable girl under those towering pompadours.


What is Marie Antoinette Season 1‘s rating?

Marie Antoinette Season 1 IMDb 7.2/10
Marie Antoinette Season 1  Rotten Tomato60%

Check out these fan reactions!

Episodes of Marie Antoinette Season 1

Your favorite series is going to have eight episodes. The runtime varies between 50-55 minutes. 

Season 1, Episode 1 (The Slap) – March 19, 2023

Marie Antoinette is just a teenager and is compelled to depart from Vienna and marry the Dauphin, who is next in line to the French throne. It is essential for her to bear a Bourbon heir to cement the alliance between France and Austria. 

Season 1, Episode 2 (Rival Queens) 

Even after four months of marriage, Louis had not yet consummated their relationship. This made it clear to Marie that producing an heir would not be an easy task. She sought the guidance and assistance of Madame du Barry, but upon learning more about her past, Marie was taken aback, and their friendship quickly turned into animosity. As two queens cannot coexist in Versailles, du Barry refused to fade away.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Pick a Princess)

The royal family takes a break from the oppressive atmosphere of Versailles to spend their holidays at Fontainebleau. However, Marie’s ongoing conflict with du Barry poses a risk of damaging her relationship with the King. In addition, now that the heir is married, the focus shifts to finding a suitable wife for the ‘spare,’ Provence.

Season 1, Episode 4 (Queen of France)

Marie-Antoinette and Louis prepare for their inaugural trip to Paris, but the king’s sudden illness alters everything, making the question of succession a pressing concern. Sensing the danger, du Barry realizes that she must safeguard herself.

Season 1, Episode 5 (Rebel Queen)

Louis is initially overwhelmed by the responsibilities of becoming King, and Marie finds herself involved in the struggle over the selection of the prime minister.

Season 1, Episode 6 (Deus Ex Machina)

Marie organizes a celebratory ball that draws all the attention to her. Unexpectedly, it is her brother, Joseph, who arrives at Versailles to rescue the royal wedding, and he soon realizes that he has a challenging task ahead of him to bring the troubled couple back together.

Season 1, Episode 7 (The Ostrich B)

Louis begins to feel more self-assured in his position as king and openly supports the American Revolutionary War. Meanwhile, Marie-Antoinette spends most of her time at the Petit Trianon, where she becomes enamored with Count Axel von Fersen, a familiar figure.

Season 1, Episode 8 (Queen of Hearts)

Marie Antoinette finally conceives, but her reputation is called into question when pornographic pamphlets circulating within the court of Versailles challenge the legitimacy of her unborn child.

PBS’s collection of shows/movies to watch

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  • Sanditon 
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  • Indian Summers 


Is this series based on a true story?

Yes, it is based on the true story of the queen of France.

How many episodes in Marie Antoinette season 1?

Marie Antoinette Season 1 has 8 total episodes. 

What is the relationship between Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth?

They both are distantly related. 

What will happen to Marie Antoinette?

To know this, you need to watch the show.


In conclusion, while Canadians may not have access to PBS to watch Marie Antoinette Season 1, a reliable VPN allows us to easily bypass geographical restrictions and experience the captivating drama, romance, and political intrigue of this highly anticipated series. With VPN, viewers across Canada can immerse themselves in the opulent world of the French court and witness the challenges and triumphs of Queen Marie Antoinette and her courtiers.

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