Tom Sandoval Almost Left Vanderpump Rules Season 11

After a dramatic season of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, filled with explosive moments involving Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss, the reality series has recently finished filming its 11th season. However, this time, it was without Raquel Leviss.

At the Los Angeles premiere event for Special Forces on Tuesday, Sandoval shared with The Hollywood Reporter that he seriously contemplated returning to Vanderpump Rules, acknowledging, “I did actually really go back and forth about it.” Ultimately, he returned, explaining, “because it was hard.”

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He reflected on his girlfriend Raquel’s time at a facility and wished to do the same. However, he was glad he faced his challenges daily, saying, “I had to go on tour to make money, so I had to go out and actively be working on things, actively be talking to fans and reconnecting with people. Being in therapy is one thing when you’re away in a facility, but being in therapy and then going out into the real world and actually using what you learned in therapy to practice in real time, then going back to therapy and being like, ‘This worked, this didn’t work,’ I felt worked out the best for me.”

Sandoval didn’t mince words regarding the return to filming, admitting, “It sucked! Oh my God, it was not fun. It was very isolating and hard. It’s going to be a very unique season. It wasn’t easy for a lot of people because there’s a lot of pressure from the public, not just on me but on other people, so it’s like if anyone is seen talking to me they get backlash. So, it’s tough.”

The premiere date for Vanderpump Rules‘ 11th season has not been announced yet.

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