Love Is Blind Showrunner Shares Why Season 5 Stands Out

If you thought Netflix’s Love Is Blind season 4 was crazy, you haven’t seen anything yet! According to showrunner Chris Coelen, Season 5 will be the most captivating instalment of Netflix’s reality dating experiment yet.

Coelen promises this season is “even better than season 4.” He promises, “It’s a very different season than any season that we’ve ever done. It is completely unpredictable. And the exciting thing about Love Is Blind is that it’s all real. The show and the experiment continues to surprise me.”

While Coelen remains tight-lipped about the specifics that make season 5 different, he does reveal that “multiple firsts” occur during filming.

“There are really incredible twists and turns, and it’s none of our doing,” he explains. “That’s the great thing about the show, we just follow what’s going on. It’s not like we set out any season to be like, ‘This is the season that … ‘ It’s interesting to hear people say about season 3 [that] ‘some of the guys were less ready [for marriage] than they should have been,’ but it certainly wasn’t our intention to end up having it be any certain way. With the ‘the mean girls’ in season 4, we never know what’s going to happen, and that, to me, is what is endlessly fascinating about the show. We just follow whatever happens, and there’s so many different dimensions of people that it’s going to give you different things every season. We don’t control or produce in any way — it’s very much kind of like an eventized documentary in a way.”

Love is Blind season 5

As for the new cast, Nick and Vanessa Lachey will again host the 10-episode season, and the format remains the same. Singles date in the pods, get engaged without meeting face-to-face, go on a honeymoon trip, move in together, and then decide to either get married or break up just a few weeks later.

However, Coelen teases that there are surprises in store. There are unexpected love triangles, intense relationship histories that come to light, and shocking revelations that nobody in the cast sees coming.

Love Is Blind season 5 is set to premiere on September 22, with the first four episodes taking place in Houston, Texas.

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