Jeon Yeo-Been Shares Experience with A Time Called You Co-stars

Jeon Yeo Been, the talented actress set to star in the upcoming Netflix series, A Time Called You, recently shared her experiences from the set, where she worked alongside her co-stars Ahn Hyo Seop and Kang Hoon.

During a recent press event for the series, Yeo Been expressed her excitement about the project and revealed that she eagerly accepted her role after reading the script for the first time. In the drama, she takes on the challenge of portraying two vastly different characters – a high school student and an office worker – a task she found surprisingly manageable, thanks to her co-stars’ support and collaboration.

A Time Called You

Jeon Yeo Been spoke highly of Ahn Hyo-seop, noting that she had never encountered anyone with such unique qualities as him. She admired his dedication to portraying characters in love and relationships, appreciating the effort he put into his mannerisms and performance. Collaborating with him allowed her to grow as an actor and made the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

A Time Called You is a romantic mystery with a time-travel element, adapted from the Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day. The story revolves around Jun Hee, who is grieving the loss of her boyfriend from a year ago. She unexpectedly finds herself transported back to 1998, where she encounters Si Heon, who resembles her late lover.

The series is scheduled to premiere on September 8 on Netflix.

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