Critics Believe Krapopolis Is ‘Bland’ and ‘Flat’

The impact of the writers’ strikes has left us with only a handful of scripted series to savor. Anticipation had built for Fox’s latest animated offering, Krapopolis, with hopes that it would inject a breath of fresh air into the television landscape. However, early reviews suggest that it has fallen short of expectations, disappointing critics.

Brian Lowry of CNN writes, “While the first two episodes prove almost relentlessly flat – and too often weird just for the sake of it – the third provides a small ray of hope for something a bit better, focusing on how these savage people domesticated wolves, in a not-so-subtle riff on how dogs became people’s best friend.”

He adds, “For the most part, though, that comes across as an outlier. And while it’s not advisable to judge a book by its cover, in this case, it’s pretty easy to peg a TV show that seems determined to live down to its title.”

The Hollywood Reporter critic Daniel Fienberg describes Krapoplis as “bland.” He notes, “Through the three episodes sent to critics, it looks bland and the stories it’s telling are bland and, most oddly of all, the thematic underpinnings of the series are bland.”

Krapopolis review

Not too impressed by the show, Indie Wire’s Ben Travers expresses, “Colorful palettes reminiscent of “Rick and Morty” and character design not far removed from other Fox animated titles are pleasant, if unremarkable. Jokes are delivered at a rapid clip with a low-to-medium hit rate. The humor itself is winkingly out-of-date, like the repeated references to what hasn’t been invented yet (like clocks), or knowingly self-aware, like when Tyrannis lists ‘refusing to move’ as a benefit of civilization.”

Krapopolis is now available to watch on Fox.

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