Watch ‘Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5’ In Australia On BET+

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of power and politics! Watch Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 in Australia brings you the gripping tales of President Hunter Franklin and the enigmatic First Lady Victoria Franklin as they confront challenges within their empire. With secrets unveiled and betrayals in the mix, expect a rollercoaster of emotions, exclusively on BET+. Brace yourself for intense drama from the first family!

The Oval, a politically charged drama series by Tyler Perry, revolves around U.S. President Hunter Franklin and First Lady Victoria Franklin, who maintain a polished public image while concealing scandalous private lives. Their children, Gayle and Jason, contribute to the turmoil, while White House staff members, including head butler Richard Hallsen, grapple with corruption. Perry injects the genre with ample doses of scandal, intrigue, and betrayal.

Release Date: 17 October 2023
TV Channel: BET | Stream: BET+
Rating: 4.4/10
Genre: Romance, Drama, Crime
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Where To Stream Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 In Australia?

Due to regional restrictions, you may easily access Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 on BET+ by using a VPN in Australia. To provide new viewers the opportunity to watch the series for free, it offers a 7-day trial period.

Streaming ServicePrice in AUD

Release Date of Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5

Get ready for a super exciting show called Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5! It’s coming out on Bet+ on October 17, 2023. You can watch it on Hulu+ Live TV. Don’t miss out on all the cool stories and surprises this season will bring!

Reveal All the Details of Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 is a cool American show about politics and drama. It was made by Tyler Perry and is related to another show called “Ruthless.” It’s all about the White House and the President, Hunter Franklin, and the First Lady, Victoria Franklin. Not only does it show what the President’s family is like, but it also tells us about the people who work in the White House.

In the new season, there’s going to be a big competition for power, and it’s going to have lots of exciting stuff like secrets, fights for control, surprising twists, trust problems, and more. New enemies will show up, and old ones will come back, and Gayle and Jason Franklin will make everything even more interesting.

Trailer Alert: Watch Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5

Check out the trailer below.

The Stellar Cast of Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5

Official Name Character Name
Brad BenedictKyle Flint
Ed QuinnHunter Franklin
Kron MooreVictoria Franklin
Daniel Croix Henderson Jason Franklin
Walter Fauntleroy Sam Owen
Ptosha StoreyNancy Hallsen
Ciera Payton Lilly Winthrop
Lodric D. CollinsDonald Winthrop
Nick BarrottaAllan 

How Many Episodes of Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 Are There?

Following are the list of episode of Tyler Perry’s The Oval.

Episode 1 | Turning Tables | 17 October 2023

Hunter finds himself in a perilous situation, and Victoria comes up with a backup plan. Bobby ends up bearing the brunt of Priscilla’s animosity toward Sam.

Episode 2 | The Missing Link | 24 October 2023

Sam and Max think Jason is the final piece in exposing Victoria; they keep looking everywhere for him, while Eli gets inaugurated in as president, sparking a flurry of drama.

Episode 3 | Man Down | 31 October 2023

Everyone in the district is impacted by Eli’s immediate abuse of power; Victoria and Simone continue to argue; and Simone is given news that she finds difficult to believe.

Episode 4 | Coming Clean | 7 November 2023

Priscilla goes to great lengths to let Sam know that she is over with him. Richard is surprised when Nancy tells him a secret about her background.

  • Episode 5 | 14 November 2023
  • Episode 6 | 21 November 2023
  • Episode 7 | 28 November 2023
  • Episode 8 | 5 December 2023
  • Episode 9 | 12 December 2023

Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 4 Recap

Alonzo lends a hand to Hunter in a difficult situation, Max and Bobby come up with a strategy to free Lilly, Richard embarks on a quest to locate Barry, Sam detects a threat at the hospital, and Dale, Allan, and Kareem disconnect from the usual grid.

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What Else To Watch on BET+ In Australia?


How many seasons is Tyler Perry’s by The Oval?

There are 4 seasons available to stream.

Where else to watch Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 in Australia?

You can only watch the series in Australia on BET+.

Is Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5 worth watching?

Yes, because it of engaging concept and support of black community.

Wrap Up

In Tyler Perry’s The Oval Season 5, on an exciting trip through strategy, power, and unexpected developments. Each episode promises a spectacular trip of emotions and shocks, from Victoria’s deft moves to the growing friction between Bobby and Priscilla.

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