How to Watch ‘Southern Charm Season 9’ On BravoTV In Australia

The new season of the TV series, ‘Southern Charm Season 9,’ is set to grace screens on Bravo TV, on September 14, 2023. It is a ten-episode season that delves into the lives of Charleston’s elite, showcasing a world of exclusivity, money, and scandal that goes behind the walls of the southern states in the US. As the premiere date approaches, viewers will need a VPN to watch Southern Charm Season 9 in Australia.

Bravo TV is geographically restricted to the USA. To get away with these restrictions and enjoy the seamless streaming of Bravo TV in Australia, a VPN is required. You can use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and also to access exclusive content available on Bravo TV In Australia.

Quick Steps: How to Watch 'Southern Charm Season 9' on Bravo TV' In Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Southern Charm Season 9

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Bravo TV

  5. Watch Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Southern Charm Season 9?

If you want to stream ‘Southern Charm Season 9’ on Bravo TV in Australia you’ll need a VPN. Due to geo-restrictions imposed by Bravo TV, the content is typically available only to viewers in the United States of America. A VPN allows you to bypass these barriers, unlocking a variety of content. Furthermore, it ensures a secure and private connection, safeguarding your data while streaming. It will enable you to enjoy Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV from any corner of the world.

Where to Watch Southern Charm Season 9 In Australia?

To watch the ‘Southern Charm Season 9’ TV series, stream into Bravo TV, as it is the primary platform airing this original. But to stream it in Australia you’ll need VPN access to stream Bravo TV. For viewers in Australia, the show will air an episode every Thursday on Bravo TV. Peacock is another go-to platform to catch all the episodes of Southern Charm Season 9. Peacock TV will air the very episode on the next day which is every Friday.

While Bravo TV offers various subscription plans, including a AU$101.27/month package, Peacock TV provides a premium plan at AU$ 7.77/month and a premium plus plan at AU$ 15.56/month, giving you a budget-friendly option to enjoy the show.

Bravo TV enables viewers to watch the best content available on the platform. Check out the quick hacks to watch Bravo TV in Australia, and don’t miss out on the best TV Shows on Bravo TV available for streaming that cater to everyone’s taste.

Which are the Best VPNs to Watch New Season on Bravo TV?

For streaming ‘Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV‘ we highly recommend ‘ExpressVPN‘ as the top choice. It stands out with its affordable pricing of AU$ 10.38 per month, backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, rapid server speeds with download speeds of up to 89.38 Mbps and upload speeds reaching 84.66 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection, and MediaStreamer Feature for quick connectivity time specifically tailored for audiences in Australia.

NordVPN is the second great option. Its unique security feature makes it an excellent choice for safe and secure streaming. A substantial 60% discount with their 2-year plan, bringing down the monthly cost to a mere AU$ 5.43. Explore our detailed guides on ‘ExpressVPN‘ and NordVPN‘ to help you decide on the ideal VPN for your preferences.

When is the Release Date for Southern Charm Season 9?

Mark your calendars as Southern Charm Season 9 is all set to premiere on Bravo TV on September 14, 2023. The new season promises to bring more drama, more excitement, and of course, the Southern charm that has captivated audiences for eight seasons now.

What is the Plot for Southern Charm Season 9?

While the detailed plot of Southern Charm Season 9 remains under wraps, fans can expect a season filled with southern hospitality, relationships, and the exclusive lifestyle of Charleston’s high society. The series promises to dive deeper into the lives of the cast in the picturesque settings of Charleston.

Southern Charm Season 9 Trailer Released

The official trailer of Southern Charm Season 9 was posted by Bravo TV on August 3, 2023. It provides glimpses of Austen and Taylor’s potential hookup and Madison’s possible pregnancy. Watch the Southern Charm Season 9 trailer to tune in to see what really happened.

The Cast Of Southern Charm Season 9

Among the cast members who will not be returning for Southern Charm season 9 include Kathryn Dennis, Naomie Olindo as well as Chleb Ravenell.

The Southern Charm Season 9 cast includes:

Cast List
Craig Conover
Madison LeCroy
Venita Aspen
Olivia Flowers
Taylor Ann Green
Leva Bonaparte
Brett Randle
Austen Kroll
Whitney Sudler-Smith
Shep Rose
Jarrett Thomas – new member
Rodrigo Reyes – new member
Rod Razavi – new member

Is there an Episode Guide for Southern Charm Season 9?

The episode guide is currently under development. The Southern Charm Season 9 will be having a total of 10 episodes. The finale will air on November 16. No further details are shared yet by the distributors. Stay tuned to Bravo TV’s official website for detailed information on each episode as they release. Mark your calendar for Thursday 14 September to watch the premiere episode of Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV.

Southern Charm Season 8 Glimpses

Before diving into the new season, let’s have a season 8 recap. Season 8 was a roller-coaster ride with the Charleston socialites navigating through personal upheavals, relationship dramas, and the challenges brought about by the pandemic. The season brought to light the deep-seated issues in their friendships, with alliances tested and secrets disclosed. The dramatic and eventful journey of the Charleston socialites in season 8, is filled with ups and downs that keep the audience on the edge. As we gear up for Season 9, revisiting the previous season sets for the new narratives to unfold.


Why I can not watch Southern Charm Season 9 without a VPN?

Because Bravo TV has geographical restrictions and it does not allow viewers to stream its content outside US without VPN.

What can we expect from Southern Charm

Season 9?

While the exact details are under wraps, fans are expecting the new season rich with drama, relationships, and a deeper insight into Charleston’s high society.

Can I catch up on the previous seasons on Bravo TV?

Yes, Bravo TV offers the option to stream the previous seasons of Southern Charm.


As we inch closer to the release of Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV, ensure you have all the essentials in place for a seamless viewing experience from in Australia. The new season promises to be a season filled with drama, romance, and the quintessential southern charm that has been the hallmark of this series. Set up a reliable VPN to enjoy the charm, the elegance, and the southern way of life in Southern Charm Season 9 on Bravo TV.


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