Watch ‘Sister Wives Season 18’ In Australia On TLC For FREE

The highly anticipated family drama series is returned. Watch Sister Wives Season 18 on TLC on August 20, 2023. Australian fans can enjoy this drama by using a VPN. This allows viewers to easily watch Sister Wives Season 18 in Australia without any obstacles.

Sister Wives revolves around the Brown family, which consists of four wives and 18 children, making for a unique and complex family dynamic. The series provides an intimate glimpse into the challenges and joys that come with this unconventional family structure. For those eager to know more about what Season 18 has in store, read on for all the details.

Release date: 20 August 2023
TV channel: TLC (US) | Binge, Foxtel, 9Now (AU)
Availability: US
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Where Can I Watch Sister Wives Season 18 Australia?

You can tune into TLC to enjoy this Sister Wives Season 18 in Australia via VPN for free. You can use HBO Max too for streaming of this drama. Both streaming sites need a VPN to stream in Australia. Here are their subscription packages

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The Release Date Of Sister Wives Season 18

Sister Wives release date is 20th August 2023 on Sunday on TLC. You can stream the show via a VPN in Australia online. You can stream its episode on every Sunday in Australia & Sister Wives Season 18 episode air timings are 12:00 PM in Canberra ACT, Australia.

The Trailer Of Sister Wives Season 18

Season 18 of Sister Wives previews reveal upcoming upheaval, revealing unions, separations, and unforeseen turns, ensuring intense emotions for fans.

Sister Wives: A Glimpse into Love, Relationships, and Complexity

Sister Wives is a series that follows the Brown family, Kody Brown and his four wives, as they navigate the complexities of polygamy and their 18-child household. The show explores personal growth, challenges, and personal quests, showcasing the rich tapestry of human relationships.

Official Synopsis

“With four wives and 18 children, the Brown household has more than their fair share of family drama. Kody Brown and his wives share an intimate glimpse into both the challenges and the joys at the heart of this unconventional family structure.”


What’s The Plot Of Sister Wives Season 18

In the upcoming season, the Brown family confronts a fresh array of trials and encounters that push the boundaries of their plural marriage arrangement. The engagement of Christine, alongside the departures of Janelle and Meri, amplifies the existing unrest, sparking clashes and profound emotional disruptions. The forthcoming episodes delve into the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s separation, simultaneously probing Janelle and Meri’s audacious choices to bring their spiritual marriages to a close.

Join The Cast Of Sister Wives Season 18

  • Kody Brown – Husband
  • Janelle Brown – Wife
  • Meri Brown – Wife
  • Christine Brown – Wife
  • Robyn Brown – Wife

The Ratings Of Sister Wives Season 18

The Ratings Of Sister Wives Season 18 on IMDb are 4.4/10.

A Throwback To Sister Wives Season 17

Season 17 saw the Brown family’s disintegration, with Christine, Janelle, and Meri leaving only Kody and Robyn, resulting in a profound shift from harmony to fragmentation.

How Many Episodes Of Sister Wives Season 18 Are There

There are 8 episodes announced till now and here is the guide of Sister Wives season 18.

  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 1 – No Such Thing as a Free Lunch – August 20, 2023: Christine’s divorce affects Janelle, Meri, and Robyn’s holidays, causing family fracture. Tensions between Kody and Christine strained when they sit down together for the first time since Christine’s departure.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 2 – Thanks for Nothing – August 27, 2023: Kody and Christine maintain goodwill amid Thanksgiving family split, Paedon updates Christine on kids and Robyn issues, and Aurora experiences piercing while Kody shares his backstory.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 3 – Throwing Stones in Glass Houses – September 3, 2023: Kody shares resentment over divorce with friends, causing family tensions to escalate. Janelle’s sons and Kody’s disagreements lead to another Thanksgiving break, culminating in a heated Christmas argument.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 4 – A Deal with the Devil – September 10, 2023: Kody contemplates ending multiple marriages with a polygamist partner, while Janelle recovers from a significant altercation, and the family celebrates Christmas separately.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 5 – When the Going Gets Tough – September 17, 2023: The Browns discuss their Christmas experience, with Christine uncertain about her marriage’s survival. Robyn and Meri analyze past issues, finding Kody’s unfair use of time.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 6 – The Understatement of the Year – September 24, 2023: Christine works with a matchmaker, Meri moves her company, and Janelle asks Kody if he still desires multiple marriages after their confrontation.
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 7 -TBA – October 1, 2023
  • Sister Wives Season 18 Episode 8 -TBA – October 8, 2023

Fan’s Reaction

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How much weight has Janelle Brown lost?

Janelle Brown lost 100 POUNDS

Did Janelle leave Kody?

In December 2022, Janelle and Kody announced their separation, with Kody revealing her divorce from Christine and Janelle acknowledging the breakup in a separate interview.

Are Janelle and Christine still close?

Yes they have been confirmed to be close.

Who is Meri Brown’s current partner?

Kody Brown is the current partner of Meri Brown

Final Thoughts!

Season 18 of Sister Wives promises to deliver an engaging and captivating watching encounter, offering unexpected turns, profound feelings, and personal disclosures from the Brown family.

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