Watch ‘Real Time Crime Season 2’ On Max In Australia 

Prepare for a gripping experience as Real Time Crime Season 2 lands on Max, bringing its unique blend of suspense and irony. Scheduled for release on November 14, 2023, this season promises a captivating journey into the world of crime, featuring criminals caught in the act through raw surveillance footage and real-time action. Aussies can watch Real Time Crime Season 2 in Australia by using a VPN. 

As justice takes center stage, ex-detective Pat Rogers and security expert Derick Chaney provide insightful commentary, unraveling mysteries from drive-by shootings to elaborate heists. To catch every thrilling moment in Australia, ensure you have access to Max and get ready for an immersive crime-solving adventure Down Under.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Real Time Crime Season 2 In Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Real Time Crime Season 2

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Max

  5. Watch Real Time Crime Season 2 on Max

Why Do We Need a VPN To Watch Real Time Crime Season 2 on Max In Australia?

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is an indispensable tool for watching Real Time Crime Season 2 in Australia due to geographical restrictions and enhanced privacy. First and foremost, this series may be subject to regional licensing limitations, making it unavailable in certain locations as Max is only available in the US. Using a VPN allows viewers to virtually relocate to a region where the series is accessible, circumventing these restrictions.

Moreover, VPNs offer an essential layer of online privacy and security, encrypting internet traffic and protecting sensitive information. This added security is vital when streaming content online, ensuring that your data remains confidential and safeguarded from potential threats. Using VPN, you can enjoy many best shows on Max and best movies on Max.

Where To Watch Real Time Crime Season 2 In Australia?

To find Real Time Crime Season 2 online, you can access it on Max, an American subscription-based streaming service. It’s worth exploring the top TV shows and movies available on Max for a well-rounded entertainment experience. For Australian viewers interested in Max’s offerings, it’s important to check the subscription prices to determine which plan suits their preferences and budget. This information ensures that you can make an informed decision and make the most of your streaming experience.

HBO MAX Ad-Lite PlanHBO MAX Ad-Free PlanHBO MAX Ad-Supported Plan
AU$10 per monthAU$15 per monthAU$20 per month

Watch The Nun 2 on Max in Australia for Free

If you’re eager to watch Real Time Crime Season 2 for free in Australia online, you’ll find your answer on Max. You can easily access the movie with a Max free trial. To obtain this trial, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership, as Max doesn’t typically offer free trials like some other platforms. Amazon Prime currently runs a Prime Channel promotion that grants users a 7-day free trial of Max.

Alternatively, you can also access Max content with a Hulu free trial. After the trial period, a subscription fee is required to continue using the platform.

While Max’s access is currently limited to the USA due to geo-restrictions, you have the option to view Max’s content through Hulu and DirecTV Stream add-ons. To unlock Max’s content and watch HBO Max in Australia, a reliable VPN is also essential.

HBO MaxAU$15.76 per month (with ads)
HuluAU$12.60 per month

Best VPN to Watch Real Time Crime Season 2 In Australia 


ExpressVPN excels in providing fast and reliable internet connections, ensuring smooth streaming, gaming, and browsing. It also offers strong security and privacy features, allowing users to stay safe online and access geo-restricted content worldwide.

Express VPN SubscriptionPrice
1 Month PlanAU$17.04
6 Months PlanAU$93.28
12 Months PlanAU$155.52

Unveiling the release date of Real Time Crime Season 2

Save the date! Real Time Crime Season 2 is set to premiere on Max in Australia on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through crime narratives caught on candid cameras. Make sure you’re tuned in for an adrenaline-pumping ride into the heart of Real Time Crime Season 2.

The Storyline of Real Time Crime Season 2 

Real Time Crime Season 2 transforms your living room into a crime-solving hub, delivering gripping narratives from the bustling streets of NYC to the rugged terrains of Utah. Each episode unfolds thrilling crime capers caught on candid cameras, featuring ex-detective Pat Rogers and security expert Derick Chaney offering insightful crime commentary. 

From drive-by shootings to elaborate heists, Real-Time Crime Centers in Toledo, Ohio, unravel mysteries, creating an immersive experience akin to a crime novel. With gang takedowns and hostage situations, justice is not just served; it’s an enthralling journey filled with suspense and irony. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this series, best paired with a side of popcorn, as it takes crime-solving technology to its most entertaining heights.

Here’s a sneak peek – The trailer of Real Time Crime Season 2 

The trailer for Real Time Crime Season 2 is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for updates, as more information about this riveting series will be provided later. Prepare for suspense, crime-solving, and unexpected twists – the trailer will be worth the wait.

Real Time Crime Season 2 Cast

A dynamic ensemble bringing thrilling stories to life across different episodes.

  • Pat Rogers: Former police detective and security consultant, providing expert commentary on showcased crimes.
  • Derick Chaney: Former law enforcement officer and security expert, offering valuable insights into the criminal world.
  • Real-Time Crime Center Staff: Interviews with detectives, analysts, and dispatchers pivotal in solving showcased crimes.

Real Time Crime Season 2 Episode Details 

Episode 1 – Catch me if you can – November 14, 2023

Throughout the United States, Real Time Crime Centers employ surveillance cameras, tracking systems, and gunshot detectors to address crimes and ensure the apprehension of criminals.

More Episodes


Under the Lens – Real Time Crime Season 2 Rating

Real Time Crime Season 2 has achieved widespread acclaim, boasting a stellar rating on IMDB. Its popularity is a testament to the show’s gripping narratives, expert commentary, and dynamic ensemble cast. Dive into the excitement and suspense that has earned this season its well-deserved fame.

IMDB Rating7.3/10

Answers to your burning questions 

Where can I watch Season 1 of Real Time Crime?

Season 1 of Real Time Crime is available for streaming on Max.

Can I watch this season without a VPN?

No, you will need to use a VPN to access Max in Australia and watch this season. 

Is Real Time Crime Season 2 suitable for all audiences?

Real Time Crime Season 2 is recommended for mature audiences due to its crime themes and intense storytelling.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the anticipation is building for the Australian premiere of Real Time Crime Season 2 on Max. As viewers gear up for this immersive crime-solving experience, the blend of suspense, irony, and expert commentary promises an unmissable ride. With exclusive access to Max in Australia, the series stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to delivering compelling content. So, mark your calendars, secure your spot for a front-row seat, and prepare for justice to take center stage in a thrilling spectacle that transcends borders, making Real Time Crime Season 2 a must-watch Down Under.

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