Where To Watch ‘Power Book IV: Force Season 2’ Australia On Starz

Power Book IV: Force is here with its new season on Starz releasing on September 1, 2023 in Australia. A VPN will help you to access the Starz channel in Australia & can watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2 in Australia easily. Starz is the most know site when it comes to entertaining because they provide their high quality experience to its viewers. You must check out Starz best tv shows & Starz best movies.

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 is set to be a thrilling season this year, featuring Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan, who leads a quest for power and vengeance in Chicago’s criminal underworld.

Quick Steps: How to watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2 in Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Starz

  5. Watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2 on Starz

Where Can I Watch Power Book IV Force Season 2 In Australia

If you are wondering where you can stream Power Book IV Force Season 2 in Australia for free. Then we got solution for you. You can stream the show on Starz & also on Spectrum via VPN for free, because VPN can give you access to the show by unblocking the Starz restrictions from anywhere.

Starz also offers subscription plan at $8.99 (AUD 13.96 )per month or $74.99(AUD 116.41) per year & you can cancel the Starz subscription anytime. Also you can Starz on Apple Tv+, Starz on Roku, Starz on Prime video.

Why Do We Need A VPN To Watch Power Book IV Force Season 2 In Australia

You will need a VPN to watch the Power Book IV Force Season 2 in Australia for free on Starz as Starz restricts access to some regions. A VPN is required to cross these geographic boundaries, so that you can watch the show easily in Australia. A reliable VPN service will hide your device’s original location by replacing it with the US location. After that, you can watch Power Book IV Force Season 2 in Australia on Starz.

Best VPNs To Watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2 In Australia On Starz

Through extensive research and careful evaluation, we have diligently identified the most trustworthy VPN services for ensuring a seamless experience to watch Power Book IV: Force Season 2 in Australia on Starz. Our comprehensive analysis has uncovered two standout VPN providers that can be relied upon with confidence:

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2) NordVPN

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Price and Plan

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Power Book IV: Force (2023) Release Date

Power Book IV: Force Season 2’s premiered on September 1, 2023 & you can stream its new episode on every Friday in in Canberra ACT, Australia by using a VPN.

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Trailer Australia

Get ready for some serious excitement with the thrilling trailer of Power Book IV: Force Season 2. This sneak peek promises an action-packed journey as we follow Tommy Egan through the dangerous criminal landscape of Chicago. The trailer hints at explosive fights, shifting alliances, and Tommy’s unwavering determination to become the top dog. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Fueling Ambition and Vengeance: Inside Power Book IV

In Power Book IV: Force, you’ll witness Tommy Egan’s bold transition from “Power’s” New York to the unforgiving realm of Chicago’s drug trade. Brace yourself for a thrilling narrative filled with danger, betrayals, and Tommy’s unyielding ambition to claim his throne. Amidst the backdrop of a complex criminal landscape, the series deepens its exploration of power dynamics, loyalty, and the far-reaching consequences of pivotal decisions.

Official Synopsis

“Tommy Egan is on a mission to avenge Liliana and take over the Chicago drug world. He must decide what he is willing to sacrifice to finally ascend the throne of a kingpin.”


Pot Of Power Book IV: Force Season 2

In Season 2’s unfolding narrative, Tommy Egan’s unrelenting quest to avenge Liliana’s death and command the Chicago drug empire escalates to unprecedented levels. As the Flynn organization weakens and rivalries heat up, Tommy employs strategic manipulation of factions, stoking the flames of betrayal and brutality. Yet, amidst the chaos, he grapples with the intricacies of a fractured CBI, mounting law enforcement scrutiny, and profound personal quandaries. Racing against both the clock and formidable adversaries, Tommy confronts a defining decision: to prioritize his ambition or his blood ties.

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Full Cast List

The charismatic Joseph Sikora returns to the screen, breathing life and intensity into his iconic character, Tommy Egan. Get ready to witness the depth of his journey once again. And that’s not all; the show boasts a talented ensemble cast, with Isaac Keys taking on the role of Diamond Sampson, adding rich layers of complexity to the show’s intricate narrative.

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Main Cast

  • Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan
  • Isaac Keys as David Diamond Sampson
  • Lili Simmons as Claudia Claud Flynn
  • Shane Harper as Victor Vic Flynn
  • Kris D. Lofton as Jenard Sampson
  • Anthony Fleming as JP Gibbs
  • Lucien Cambric as Darnell D-Mac McDowell
  • Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn
  • Miriam A. Hyman as Stacy Marks
  • Adrienne Walker as Shanti Showstopper
  • Carmela Zumbado as Mireya Garcia.

Power Book IV Force Season 2 Supporting Cast

  • Chanell Bell as Lauryn Williams
  • Konstantin Lavysh as Rodovan Mirkovic
  • Guy Van Swearingen as Paulie Pierogi Muzaski
  • Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson as Marshall Cranon
  • Debo Balogun as Seamus Bennigan
  • Mirelly Taylor as Mrs. Soto
  • Blythe Howard as Adrienne
  • Patricia Kalember as Kate Egan
  • Monique Gabriela Curnen as Detective Blanca Rodriguez

The IMDb And Rotten Tomatoes Ratings Of Power Book IV: Force 2023

Power Book IV: Force IMDbPower Book IV: Force Rotten Tomatoes

How Many Episodes Of Power Book IV: Force Season 2 Are There

The second season of Power Book IV: Force unfolds across a riveting series of 10 episodes, each immersing viewers into the intricate web of the characters’ lives, their driving forces, and the formidable obstacles they face.

  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 1-Tommy’s Back-September 1, 2023: Tommy and Diamond maintain the CBI game in front of Jenard’s new group, while Tommy avenges Liliana’s death, while maintaining his ultimate goal of becoming king.
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 2-Great Consequence-September 8, 2023: Jenard’s team seeks revenge after Tommy discovers Miguel and Diamond benefiting the CBI from a rivalry between the Serbs, with the feds pursuing the task force.
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 3-War and Ice Cream-September 15, 2023: Tommy and Diamond transform their business into prisons, while the Feds form a task force to dismantle the CBI, and Jenard struggles for control, while Tommy confronts Walter.
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 4-The Devil’s in the Details- September22, 2023: Tommy and Diamond maintain secretive relationships, Jenard clashes with his team, Vic meets Claudia for the last time, and D-Mac becomes more involved in the drug game.
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 5-Crown Vic-September 29, 2023: TBA
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 6-October 6, 2023: TBA
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 7-October13, 2023: TBA
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 8October 20, 2023: TBA
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 9-October 27, 2023:TBA
  • Power Book IV Force Season 2 Episode 10Novemeber 3, 2023:TBA

A throwback to Power Book IV: Force Season 1

Power Book IV: Force Season 1 follows Tommy Egan, a character from the original series, as he moves to Chicago after leaving New York. He faces personal tragedies and a criminal past, and navigates a dangerous web of alliances. The season finale serves as a pivotal juncture, laying the groundwork for a suspenseful second season.

Power Book IV Force Season 2 On Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When will the Season 2 of Power Book IV: Force premiere?

The second season of Power Book IV: Force is set to premiere on September 1, 2023.

How does Power Book IV: Force contribute to the Power Universe?

Power Book IV: Force expands the Power Universe by providing a deeper exploration of Tommy Egan’s character and his journey beyond the events of the original series. It offers a fresh perspective on the criminal underworld and the challenges Tommy faces in his pursuit of power.

Can I watch Power Book IV: Force without having seen the original “Power” series?

While prior knowledge of the original “Power” series can enhance your understanding of certain characters and references, Power Book IV: Force is designed to stand on its own. New viewers can still enjoy the series and its unique storyline.

Wrapping Up!

Power Book IV: Force Season 2 promises an exciting continuation of Tommy Egan’s Chicago criminal underworld journey, featuring high-octane action, captivating narrative arcs, and a stellar ensemble, with unexpected plot twists and alliances.

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