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Sir Lenny Henry, a well-known figure in entertainment, invites you to join him on a captivating journey through his impressive career in a documentary. You can watch Lenny Henry: One of a Kind in Australia on ITVX on October 26, 2023, using a VPN if needed. This documentary takes you from Lenny’s early days in the Midlands to his adventures in Middle Earth, giving you a rare and personal glimpse into the life of a true legend.

In this documentary, Sir Lenny Henry shares intriguing stories about his creative collaborations with Kate Bush and Prince. He also shares behind-the-scenes tales, offers insights into his life away from the public eye, and talks openly about which of his beloved comedy characters might not fit on television in 2023.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind In Australia For FREE

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  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITVX

  5. Watch Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind on ITVX

Where Can I Watch Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind In Australia?

ITVX offers Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind for streaming. With a VPN, anyone who resides outside of the UK can watch the series without any problems. These are ITVX’s subscription fees in Australia.

Per MonthAU$5.87
Per YearAU$58.81

Why Do Need A VPN To Watch Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind In Australia?

If you’re in Australia and eager to watch Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind, a VPN can be your ticket to access it, especially if content restrictions are in place. With a VPN, you can switch your online location and unlock the show by connecting to a server in another country. It’s your secret pass to enjoy the content you want, no matter where you are Down Under.

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Release Date of Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind?

Make sure to mark your calendar for this Thursday, October 26, 2023, because that’s when the documentary Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind is set to air. And if you can’t catch it on TV, don’t worry, you can also stream it on ITVX.

Everything You Need To Know About Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind

This documentary offers a fresh angle on Lenny’s lesser-known team-ups, including his interesting work with iconic figures like Kate Bush and Prince. Going beyond the bright lights, Lenny spills the beans on behind-the-scenes stories, gives us a peek into his life when he’s not in the spotlight, and has an honest chat about how his comedy characters have changed, with some not quite fitting in with the audience of 2023.

Meet the Cast of Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind

While the documentary primarily focuses on Lenny Henry, it also features a plethora of renowned personalities, including:

  • David Tennant
  • Ben Elton
  • Alesha Dixon
  • Richard Curtis
  • Trevor McDonald
  • Mo Gilligan
  • Whoopi Goldberg

Episode Guide of Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind

Lenny Henry: One of a Kind is a captivating one-hour documentary that guarantees a blend of humor, self-reflection, and a thorough exploration of the life of one of the entertainment world’s most cherished personalities.

Lenny’s Reflections and Aspirations

Sir Lenny Henry shared his feelings about looking back at his career for the documentary, saying it felt like a “living obituary.” He was grateful for the acknowledgment and attention his career received. Lenny also talked about the importance of helping others in the entertainment business, based on his own experiences of getting support when he was starting out. He believes in “paying it forward” and has always worked to create opportunities for performers from diverse backgrounds.

What contributed to Lenny Henry’s rise to fame?

Lenny is a true all-rounder in the entertainment world. He was a key figure in starting Comic Relief in 1985, a charity that’s done a lot of good. In 2003, he got a big award for his lifelong achievements in comedy, and in 2009, he won an Outstanding Newcomer award for his role in Othello.

What is the Next Project Of Lenny Henry?

Right now, Lenny is busy creating something special a brand new children’s book called The Boy With Wings: Clash of the Superkids. He’s really excited about it and believes it’s some of his finest work yet.

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What inspired the title One of a Kind for this documentary?

The title reflects Lenny Henry’s unique and influential presence in the entertainment industry. It signifies that he is a truly exceptional figure in his field.

Is Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind worth watching?

Yes, because it is based on an interview with great sir Henry Lenny.

What is a genre of Lenny Henry: One Of A Kind?

It falls under the category of documentary.

Wrap Up

Lenny Henry: One of a Kind isn’t your typical documentary; it’s a warm and heartfelt tribute to an absolute legend. Through this documentary, Lenny opens up about his work with others, tells personal stories, and talks about making TV fairer for everyone. It gives you a special chance to see into the life of someone who’s not just made people laugh but also made a big impact. Whether you’ve been a fan for ages or you’ve just discovered Lenny, this documentary is a must-see.

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