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Halloween special kids show Curses is a fresh animated, spooky adventure comedy series from DreamWorks Animation, gearing up for its debut on Apple TV+ on October 27. This series is bound to enchant Australian viewers with its distinctive plot, remarkable cast, and brilliant animation, making it the go-to show this Halloween.

Streaming platforms often have content limitations based on regions, which can be a hurdle for many in Australia. This is where VPNs prove to be invaluable. Using a VPN isn’t solely about navigating around these barriers; it’s about guaranteeing seamless access to top-tier content whilst safeguarding your online privacy. Also, explore the Top Shows on Apple TV+ available in Australia.

Quick Steps: How To Watch Curses On Apple TV+ in Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Curses

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Apple TV+

  5. Watch Curses on Apple TV+

Why We Need a VPN to Watch Curses in Australia

Apple TV+ is available in over 100 countries and regions, including the USA. However, the content available can vary significantly depending on your location due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions. To ensure access to “Curses” and other Apple TV+ shows in Australia, a VPN can be used to bypass these geo-restrictions, allowing you to connect to a server in the USA and access the content as if you were there.

Where to Watch Curses Online

“Curses” is available exclusively on Apple TV+, Apple’s streaming platform. You can watch it on various devices including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and more. For viewers in Australia, a VPN can be used to access the series on Apple TV+. For your convenience, we have mentioned Apple TV prices and plans below!

Plans Price
Monthly AU$9.50

If you do not wish to pay for the plans below, avail Apple TV free trial now. Moreover, you can now also cancel your Apple TV’s subscruption plans whenever you like! That’s not all. Do not forget to have a look at the guide to watching Apple TV from Australia.

Which VPN is Best to Watch Curses on Apple TV+ in Australia?

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part – the top VPN options for streaming Curses in Australia.


When it comes to the top VPN for streaming Apple TV+ in Australia, ExpressVPN takes the lead. Its user-friendly applications, robust privacy features, stellar streaming capabilities, and impressive speed make it a top choice.

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  • MediaStreamer is a unique feature for streaming-specific devices not typically supported by a VPN.
  • Access 24/7 customer support for assistance and guidance.
1 Month PlanAU$16.93
6 Months PlanAU$92.72
12 Months PlanAU$154.58

When Will Curses Premiere on Apple TV+

The series is set to premiere on Friday, October 27, just in time for Halloween. However, the exact time of release has not been specified.

Official Synopsis

When a generations- long family curse turns Alex Vanderhouven to stone, it’s up to his two kids, Pandora and Russ, and his wife Sky, to return artifacts stolen by their ancestors to their rightful homes to finally lift the curse for good.


Curses About

“Curses” follows the story of a family trying to lift a generations-long curse that has turned Alex Vanderhouven to stone. His wife Sky, and their two kids, Pandora and Russ, embark on a spooky adventure to return artifacts stolen by their ancestors to their rightful homes, hoping to finally lift the curse for good.

GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure
NetworkApple TV+

Watch The Exciting Trailer of Curses 2023

Curses Cast 2023

The series boasts an impressive cast, including:

  • Gabrielle Nevaeh as Pandora
  • Andre Robinson as Russ
  • Lyric Lewis as Sky
  • Reid Scott as Alex
  • Rhys Darby as Stanley
  • James Marsters as Larry
  • Rhea Perlman as Margie
  • Phylicia Rashad as Georgia Snitker
  • Robert Englund as Cornelius

How Many Episodes Are There in Curses 2023?

For Now, viewers can expect four exciting episodes of this thrilling adventure as the Vanderhouven family navigates challenges and uncovers mysteries in their quest to lift the family curse.

  • Episode 1 – The Restricted Wing
  • Episode 2 – The Goolden Baboon Head
  • Episode 3 The Baboon Temple
  • Episode 4 The Olmec Babies

Fan Reactions


What other shows are available for kids on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ offers a variety of kids and family programming, including “Interrupting Chicken,” “Shape Island,” “Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock,” “Snoopy in Space,” and many more.

Who are the creators and executive producers of “Curses”?

Jim Cooper and Jeff Dixon created the series and serve as executive producers. John Krasinski also serves as an executive producer.

Who is in the voice cast of “Curses”?

The voice cast includes Gabrielle Nevaeh as Pandora, Andre Robinson as Russ, Lyric Lewis as Sky, Reid Scott as Alex, Rhys Darby as Stanley, James Marsters as Larry, Rhea Perlman as Margie, Phylicia Rashad as Georgia Snitker, and Robert Englund as Cornelius.


This Halloween watch Curses in Australia on Apple TV+. The animated show is shaping up to be a must-watch for families and kids alike. With its engaging storyline, stellar cast, and the backing of giants like DreamWorks Animation and Apple TV+, the series promises quality entertainment. For viewers in Australia, a VPN ensures that the world of “Curses!” is just a click away. Whether you’re a fan of animated adventures or heartwarming family tales, “Curses!” is a series you won’t want to miss.

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