How To Watch ‘Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks’ In Australia

Are you intrigued by the fascinating world of using forensic evidence to unsolved cases? Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks in Australia an upcoming true crime series set to premiere on Hulu on August 17, 2023. Hulu, a renowned streaming platform celebrated for its exceptional selection of Best Movies. As an offshoot of the original Cold Case Files series, Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks boasts investigative journalist Bill Kurtis as the masterful storyteller. Immerse yourself in the series as Kurtis delves into unresolved cold cases, showcasing their resolution through breakthroughs in DNA technology, united efforts of victims’ families, law enforcement, and the local community. Each episode meticulously presents the journey of employing forensic insights to unravel murder mysteries that have stubbornly resisted solutions over time.

However, it’s important to note that Hulu’s access is limited beyond the borders of the USA due to privacy concerns and streaming constraints. For seamless access to Hulu’s content, a reliable VPN becomes crucial, allowing you to indulge in the Best War Shows and more without any geographical barriers.

Quick Steps: How to Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks In Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PIAVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Hulu

  5. Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks on Hulu

Mark You Calendar: Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks Release Date is Revealed

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is scheduled to debut on Hulu on August 17, 2023 at 12 am. Get a Hulu subscription right away, and get ready to follow Bill Kurtis as he guides you through Hulu’s best true crime program.

Where To Stream Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks In Australia?

Only Hulu offers access to Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks. If you live outside of the USA, you will need a reliable VPN service, such as Express VPN, to get around geo-restrictions and stream-blocking obstacles.

The documentary’s official launch date in Australia is not announced, but we will keep you informed. If you’re eager to watch the gripping documentary, you can consider getting a VPN subscription, since it has already been released on Hulu in the US.

For up to 30 days, Hulu also provides a free trial to new users. You must sign up for Hulu in order to access documentaries for free.

You can select between Hulu’s two subscription options based on your interests. To boost your streaming experience, you can watch the Best Documentaries on Hulu In Australia and other crime shows by subscribing to the Hulu channel.

Basic Plan (with – ads)$7.99 per month
Premium Plan (without – ads)$14.99 per month

Why Do We Need A VPN To Stream Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

To stream Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks, a VPN is a must because it enables us to do so without being restricted by our geographic location. Bypassing regional restrictions with a VPN enables us to access compelling material from any location. As we engage ourselves in the thrilling world of cold case investigations, it also offers an additional degree of security to our online activity, safeguarding our privacy.

Best VPNs to Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks In Australia on Hulu

For streaming Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks on Hulu we highly recommend VPN as the top choice. It stands out with its affordable pricing, rapid server speeds, and quick connectivity time specifically tailored for audiences in Australia Explore our detailed guides on ‘ExpressVPN‘ and ‘NordVPN‘ to help you decide on the ideal VPN for your interest. You can also watch Breeders Season 4, This Fool Season 2 and many other interesting tv series on Hulu with a subscription of VPN.

  • ExpressVPN is a top-tier VPN service, primarily because of its rapid server connections. The subscription plans begin at a rate of GB£ 5.52 per month (approximately US$ 6.67 per month) with a generous 49% discount, and if you commit to a full year, you also receive an extra three months free.
  • NordVPN is an excellent VPN option because its extensive server network helps unblock sites from any location. You can save 60% with their 2-year plan, which costs only £2.89 a month (about US$3.49).

Everything You Need to Know About Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Unsolved cases are investigated in the first season of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks by looking into all the evidence, potential hints, leads that are missing, and potential witnesses. While Bill Kurtis narrates the true-crime programmes, these components progressively guide researchers towards solving these enduring mysteries.

Such cases ultimately have solutions thanks to developments in DNA analysis and cooperation between victims’ relatives, the public, and law enforcement organizations.

Official Synopsis

“Examines cold cases that are solved through advancements in DNA, along with help from victims’ families, law enforcement and the public.”


Trailer Alert: Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Examines formerly unresolved cases that find closure through DNA breakthroughs, facilitated by the collaboration of victims’ families, law enforcement, and the local community.

The Narrator of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Watch Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks In Australia

Bill Kurtis, a prominent figure in American television journalism, stands out for his unique vocal quality. He has taken on various roles as a television journalist, producer, and narrator, and has been at the helm of several TV programs such as Cold Case Files and American Justice. His distinct voice is just one aspect of his notable presence. Kurtis’ contributions to the field of investigative journalism are substantial, and he is renowned for his influential narrative style and his dedicated reporting.

Meet the Cast of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Series NarratorBill Kurtis
ProducerSteve Ascher
ProducerSharon Scott
Series EditorPhillip Lefesi
Production ManagerPeter King

Episode Details of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

Right now, Hulu will only broadcast 1 episode. The launch date for the new episode has not yet been made public, but we will keep you informed as soon as it is.

Expectations From Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks

If you’re into solving mysteries and using science to catch criminals, you’ll love watching Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks. This show explores how the tiny clues inside our DNA have been used to crack really tough criminal cases from the past.

The episode will examine a number of cold cases, from high-profile murders to those that have remained unreported for decades. The use of DNA evidence in solving crimes and bringing justice to the families of the victims will be demonstrated to viewers. The programme will also examine the emotional toll that cold cases can take on both families and detectives. Moreover, when a loved one’s death is unexplained for years, others will witness how sad and irate the family are. Also demonstrated will be the detectives’ tenacity and resolve in pursuit of the truth in these cases.

Fan Tweets On Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks


Is Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks available on Netflix?

No, it is not available on Netflix.

What is the genre of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

It falls under the category of documentary and crime.

What is the parental guide of Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks?

The documentary falls under the category of TV-14 due to the murder mysterious.

Sum Up

Cold Case Files: DNA Speaks is a documentary that highlights the role of DNA testing and the support of acquaintances and family members in resolving enduring cold cases. Brace yourself, for this suggests a promising outlook on achieving justice, implying that elusive criminals will soon face confinement in correctional facilities, where they rightfully belong.

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