Watch ‘Britain Get Singing’ in Australia on ITVX

Britain Get Singing is an enthralling musical showcase featuring a range of dynamic and diverse vocalists from the UK. It provides a stage for emerging singers to demonstrate their talents and captivate viewers with their vocal skills. To watch Britain Get Singing in Australia on ITVX, all you need is a reliable VPN subscription, which will elevate your viewing experience. ITVX is a Free Platform for the residents of the UK but not for the citizens of Australia

Quick Steps: How To Watch Britain Get Singing In Australia

Follow these simple steps to watch Britain Get Singing

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install VPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the UK

  4. Login to ITVX

  5. Watch Britain Get Singing on ITVX

Why Do We Need a VPN to Watch Britain Get Singing in Australia?

For viewers outside the UK, accessing Britain Get Singing can be a challenge due to geo-restrictions on broadcasting. A VPN becomes essential in this scenario, enabling fans globally to connect to UK-based servers and stream the show seamlessly. To watch Britain Get Singing in Australia on ITVX, using a VPN is essential. Since ITVX is a British streaming platform, it’s not directly accessible to residents in Australia without a VPN. By employing a VPN, you’ll gain access to a wide array of movies and shows available on the platform.

Where to Watch Britain Get Singing in Australia

Primarily, Britain Get Singing is available on ITV and its digital platform, ITVX. These platforms are the go-to for UK viewers to catch every melodious moment live. On ITVX, you can enjoy a variety of shows and movies in addition to Britain Get Singing. Here’s the subscription plan you’ll need to watch it in Australia:

Per MonthAU$11.56
Per YearAU$115.85

ITVX offers a 7-day free trial, allowing you to access the platform at no cost. You’re not obligated to maintain the subscription and can cancel it anytime. Additionally, there’s a guide available to assist you if you encounter any issues while using ITVX.

Alternative Viewing Options to watch Britain Get Singing in Australia

International audiences can rely on VPN services to access ITVX. Additionally, some streaming services might offer the show, depending on regional availability and licensing agreements. Currently, there’s no official news regarding the show’s release on any platforms other than ITVX. Using a VPN remains the best way to access the show in Australia, bypassing any geographical limitations.

Best VPN to watch Britain Get Singing in Australia

After thorough consideration of various VPNs, we’ve determined that ExpressVPN is the best choice. It’s ideal for enhancing your viewing experience.


To watch Britian Get Singing in Australia, ExpressVPN stands out as the best option. With its easy-to-use apps, strong privacy protections, excellent streaming performance, and remarkable speed, it’s the preferred choice.

PlanPrice in AU$
1 Month PlanAU$16.93
6 Months PlanAU$92.72
12 Months PlanAU$154.58

Release Date

The release date of Britain Get Singing varies each year. Typically, it aligns with prime television viewing periods to maximize audience engagement. This year the Release date is December 24 on ITVX

About Britain Get Singing

This show is more than a singing competition; it’s a celebration of musical talent and a testament to the power of song. It features solo performers, groups, and choirs, each bringing their unique style to the stage.

Britain Get Singing Trailer

Who is in the Cast of Britain Get Singing?

Episode name:Cast Details
Love IslandLuca Bish, Andrew Le Page, Danica Taylor, Antigoni Buxton, Paige Thorne, and Tasha Ghouri
The ChaseDarragh Ennis, Jenny Ryan, Anne Hegerty
Loose WomenKelle Bryan, Linda Robson, Judi Love, Denise Welch, Brenda Edwards, Coleen Nolan
EmmerdaleOlivia Bromley, Bradley Johnson, Lawrence Robb, Jay Kontzle, Daisy Campbell, Mark Charnock, Lisa Riley

Who are the Judges in Britain Get Singing?

Alesha Dixon
Adam Lambert
Jason Manford

Ratings and Reviews

While specific ratings and reviews for the latest iteration might not be readily available, Britain Get Singing generally receives positive feedback for its production quality, talent showcase, and engaging format. The official IMDb rating for Britain Get Singing 2022 is also not available

Fan’s Enthusiastic Reactions

Viewers are excitedly awaiting the opportunity to watch the show on their screens. The lively discussions on Twitter regarding last year’s event underscore this anticipation. There is a keen interest in seeing favorite singers take the stage. With such impressive audience interaction, the show is anticipated to be highly successful following its debut on ITV.


Can I watch ITVX in Australia?

In Australia, you can access ITVX by subscribing to a VPN service.

How can I watch UK channels in Australia?

To watch UK channels in Australia, a VPN subscription is essential. We suggest using ExpressVPN as your preferred streaming partner.

Can I watch Britain Get Singing in Australia?

To watch Britain Get Singing in Australia, all that’s required is a subscription to a trustworthy VPN to overcome geographical restrictions.


Britain Get Singing stands as a beacon of musical talent, offering a stage where voices from across the UK can echo. Whether you’re in Britain or halfway across the world, this show is a testament to the universal language of music, bringing together people from all walks of life in a harmonious celebration.
To watch Britain Get Singing in Australia on ITVX, you just need a subscription to a dependable VPN. We suggest using ExpressVPN as your streaming ally.

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