Best true crime shows on Hulu In Australia

Hulu is an excellent streaming service that offers a wide range of content, and to access their full library, you will need a subscription account. With plans starting at $6.99/month, you can enjoy a variety of shows and films. If you’re unsure about committing, you can take advantage of Hulu’s free trial before making a decision.

Are you in search of gripping true crime shows on Hulu in Australia? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the best true crime shows on Hulu in Australia that are sure to captivate you. Whether you’re a fan of classic documentaries or prefer the excitement of new releases, there’s something for everyone on this list.

True crime shows have a unique allure, drawing viewers in with real-life stories of individuals who have endured harrowing experiences. The suspense and uncertainty surrounding these cases make them particularly compelling. It’s no wonder that true crime shows are among the most-watched programs on television.

Now, let’s dive into the best true crime shows that Hulu has to offer in Australia. We have carefully curated this list to ensure you have a thrilling and unforgettable viewing experience.

Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

GenreDocumentary, Crime, Mystery
DirectorLiz Garbus
WriterKaren Sim
CastOral Hillary, Tyler Rodrigues, Brian Phillips
IMDb Rating7.4/10
Runtime3h 6m

Description: This gripping documentary investigates the murder of 12-year-old Garrett Phillips in Potsdam, New York. The case takes a twist when suspicion falls on Oral Hillary, a black man dating Garrett’s mother, leading to a divisive trial and a search for the truth.

The First 48 Presents: Homicide Squad Atlanta

GenreReality TV
CastAndre Lowe, David Quinn, Adam Lee III, Summer R. Benton, Brett Zimbrick
IMDb Rating8.1/10

Description: Join the Atlanta Police Department’s homicide squad as they work tirelessly to solve murders within the critical first 48 hours. This gripping reality TV show offers an inside look at the intense investigations and challenges faced by the detectives.

Taken at Birth

CastChris Jacobs, Jane Blasio, Lisa Joyner
IMDb Rating8.3/10

Description: Delve into the shocking history of illegally sold babies in the 1950s and 1960s. Uncover the network of doctors and nurses involved in this dark practice, as families affected by these clandestine adoptions seek answers and reunions.

Deadly Women

DirectorsJohn Mavety, James Knox, Kate Ryerson
WritersPeter Brennan, Anthony Griffis, Andrew Farrell
CastLynnanne Zager, Janis Amatuzio, Candice DeLong, M. William Phelps, Paul Godfrey
IMDb Rating7.9/10

Description: Explore the minds of female killers in this chilling documentary series. Through interviews and expert analysis, discover the motives and methods behind their crimes, delving into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

The Bomber

GenreWar, Action, Drama
DirectorVitaliy Vorobyov
WritersArkadiy Tigay, Mikhail Veller
CastNikita Efremov, Aleksandr Davydov, Ekaterina Astakhova, Vilen Babichev, Vladislav Abashin
IMDb Rating6.3/10

Description: Immerse yourself in the gripping story of a Russian bomber pilot during World War II. Follow his experiences and the challenges he faces as he questions the purpose and morality of the war he is forced to fight.

Unusual Suspects

GenreDocumentary, Crime
DirectorsRobert M. Wise, Garret Williams, W.D. Hogan
WritersPhil Brody, Jan Kimbrough, Lou DeCosta
CastMocean Melvin, Bryan Massey, Jamie Hanes, Razor Rizzotti, Tommy LeNoir
IMDb Rating7.5/10

Description: Uncover the stories of unlikely criminals who have committed unthinkable crimes. Through interviews with law enforcement, family members, and friends, gain insight into the minds and motivations of these individuals.

The Most Dangerous Animal of All

GenreCrime, Documentary
DirectorKief Davidson
WritersKief Davidson, Elisa Bonora, Ross M. Dinerstein
CastGary L. Stewart, Katelyn Kapocsi, Jude Gilford, Duffy Jennings, Kyle DeCamp
IMDb Rating6.3/10

Description: Follow Gary L. Stewart as he delves into a personal investigation, believing that his biological father may be the infamous Zodiac Killer. Discover the compelling evidence and captivating twists in this true crime documentary.

Truth and Lies: Watergate

DirectorMuriel Pearson
CastBob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, John Dean
IMDb Rating7.6/10
Runtime1h 37m

Description: Relive the infamous Watergate scandal that rocked the United States in the 1970s. Explore the break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters and the subsequent events that led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Fyre Fraud

DirectorsJenner Furst, Julia Willoughby Nason
WritersLana Barkin, Jed Lipinski, Jenner Furst
CastBilly McFarland, Polly Mosendz, Jake Horowitz
IMDb Rating6.8/10
Runtime1h 36m

Description: Take a deep dive into the Fyre Festival, a disastrous music festival that promised a luxury experience but ended in chaos. Hear firsthand accounts from those involved and uncover the stunning details of this failed event.

Hunting JonBenét’s Killer: The Untold Story

CastJim Benish, Scott Caruthers, Bob Bonnell, Dan Fesperman, Robert W. Clark
IMDb Rating5.5/10
Runtime1h 23m

Description: Experience the drama surrounding the notorious JonBenét Ramsey case, which captivated the nation. Dive into the investigation as various suspects emerge, leaving viewers to ponder the mystery that still remains unsolved.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Hulu in Australia offers an impressive selection of true crime shows that will keep you entertained. Whether you’re seeking a thought-provoking documentary, a gripping drama, or a bone-chilling crime series, Hulu has you covered.

Ensure your Hulu account is up to date and your internet connection is reliable, and start streaming these captivating shows today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of true crime.


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