TOWIE: Dan Edgar Shares Ex-Amber Acted ‘Shady’ Before Split

ITVX’s The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) made a grand return on Sunday following 10 weeks of filming in various locations, including Cyprus, Somerset, and its eponymous county. The first episode of the new series didn’t disappoint, serving up all the intriguing gossip from their getaway.

One of the highlights was Dan Edgar finally addressing his recent breakup with Amber Turner, a relationship that spanned six years. Dan, accompanied by Roman and Diags on a boys’ sand buggy excursion, opened up about his split from Amber.

He revealed that Amber’s behaviour had become ‘suspicious’ before their separation.

Roman, eager to get to the bottom of the breakup rumours, posed the questions that viewers eagerly awaited: What was the real story behind Dan and Amber’s breakup?

Dan shared, “It’s been a mad couple of months. The final straw was Amber, she went to Dubai and the stuff I had heard previous to that and overlooked it.” He added, “She went to Ibiza last summer and there’s things I heard, she went missing and turned her phone off, couldn’t get a hold of her and she was going on and offline, just acting shady.”

“When she went to Dubai I had a big chat with her, she said ‘listen I’m going to show you that you can trust me, I want to be with you’ so went away and it was fine for a few days and then literally the first night she went out with her mates and I didn’t hear from her.”

Amber Turner Dan Edgar Towie

He continued, “I asked her who she was with and she was being funny about it, saying she was with the girls and that was the final straw for me then because I was like I can’t do this anymore.”

Dan added, “I spoke to her the next day and said ‘I’m not having this. I’m sitting at home with a dog in our house and I’m worrying about what you are doing. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me, feel like I’m in a good place now and I’m just happy to put it behind me.”

This comes following Amber’s revelation about their split where she shared with her followers: “I wasn’t going to post anything but due to speculation and questions I feel like I need to. Yes me and Dan have split”

TOWIE Season 31 airs on Sundays on ITVx.

Noor Tariq

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