‘The View’ Host Sunny Hostin Calls New Episode “Chaotic”

The latest episode of ABC’s The View had an interesting mix of drama, with some shade thrown at the Kardashians, Matthew McConaughey pointing fingers, and even foot massages on air.

Co-host Sunny Hostin shared her thoughts on the turbulent Hot Topics meeting, saying, “Today was a rough Hot Topics meeting, wouldn’t you agree?”

When executive producer Brian Teta asked for her opinion on the Behind the Table podcast, Hostin replied, “It was awful. None of us could agree on the lead topic, which is unusual for us. We usually find common ground, but this time, everyone left unhappy.”

Hostin further explained her dissatisfaction with the proposed discussion points in the show’s pre-show meeting, where topics are laid out for the Hot Topics segment. She expressed her frustration, saying, “I hated everything that was proposed. You know, Brian, sometimes I have to self-edit because I have thoughts I shouldn’t say out loud. My husband helps me keep those blurt moments to a minimum. I’m a blurter, you know.”

Teta acknowledged Hostin’s observation, suggesting that the topics she wanted to discuss might have led to blurting, but ultimately, they managed to reach a decent compromise. However, Hostin quickly responded, “No, no. I didn’t like it. It was chaotic today. And Joy is a blurter too. We have that in common.”

The View

Joy Behar caused quite a stir in this particular episode. Not only did she throw shade at the Kardashian family and receive a foot massage live on air, but she also asked McConaughey, who was promoting his book Just Because, if he believes he could be elected as a political figure, given his anti-gun stance.

McConaughey didn’t mince words in his response, stating, “One thing about me and politics is to give you a direct statement right there. That is me playing a game. I’m not interested in playing.” He even raised his finger to Behar’s face to emphasize his point.

You can catch The View on weekdays at 11 am ET/PT on ABC.

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