The Carlos Ghosn Escape Story Unveiled in New Apple TV+ Series

Carlos Ghosn, the once-celebrated business magnate whose reputation took a nosedive and subsequently eluded authorities by ingeniously hiding in a musical instrument case, is about to immortalise his gripping narrative in a multipart documentary series on Apple TV+.

Named Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn, the documentary delves into the true account of how the automotive industry leader transitioned from gracing red carpets as the top figure at Nissan and Renault to orchestrating a daring escape to Lebanon, assisted by a former member of the Green Berets.

Describing the series, Sean McLain, a consulting producer for the series and also a journalist at the Wall Street Journal, remarked, “The Carlos Ghosn story is unbelievable in the sense that it’s a Shakespearean tragedy in which we have an archetypal tragic hero who everybody wants to root for but knows the train crash is coming.”

James Jones, the director, travelled to Lebanon, where he conducted an on-camera interview with Ghosn and his spouse, Carole. Jones took on the project even before finalizing permission to film the couple, yet he was fully aware of the necessity to secure their involvement.

“You need to hear from the people in the room. You can’t just have pundits commentating on what happened or kind of rehashing the story second-hand,” Jones remarked. “For me, getting Carlos and Carole Ghosn to talk frankly was a huge thing and I think that the series would have been a struggle to make without that.”

The four-part documentary series adopts a broader perspective on Ghosn’s narrative, charting his upbringing and ascent in the automotive industry. Time magazine had previously ranked him among the 15 most influential global business executives, positioning him even ahead of Bill Gates.

Wanted: The Escape of Carlos Ghosn premieres on August 25.

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