‘Sitting In Bars With Cake’ Director Reveals Her Favorite Scene

Amazon Prime’s new movie, Sitting in Bars with Cake, adapted from Audrey Shulman’s book of the same name, was released today on the streaming platform.

The movie tells the story of Jane and Corinne, lifelong friends portrayed by Yara Shahidi and Odessa A’zion. Set in the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, these two young women embark on the adventure of their 20s.

Jane, a talented but introverted baker, is persuaded by her outgoing friend Corinne to embark on a unique quest. Their mission? To explore a new bar in the city every week for an entire year, all while bringing along a freshly baked homemade cake.

In an interview with Amazon, director Trish Shie reveals her favorite scene from Sitting in Bars with Cake:

“The scene I love the most is when Corinne and Jane get in an argument in Echo Park, Los Angeles, on the street in front of a store. Visually, it’s so beautifully LA, but it shows two friends who are under an incredible amount of stress letting that steam off as people do when they feel safe with one another. It was a scene where we weren’t playing Hollywood too much; this is what happens when you’re going through something like this.”

Sitting in Bars with Cake

Regarding the film, she also added:

“It’s going to make you laugh, make you cry, it’s going to make you want to go bake a cake—even if you have no idea how to do that. It’s going to make you want to hug your best friend, and it’s going to make you fall in love with life. And if you’ve lost your way a little bit because the world’s been a dark place, I’m hoping this is a speck of light.”

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