Rick and Morty Trailer Unveils Two Fresh Voice Actors

Adult Swim has released the trailer for the highly anticipated seventh season of the hit show Rick and Morty. Along with the trailer, they have announced that there will be new voice talent for the main characters, Rick and Morty.

However, the network is keeping the names of the new voice actors confidential until the season premiere. They “want the show to speak for itself,” revealed an Adult Swim insider. “We believe in the strength of the season and our new voices and we want to preserve the viewing experience for fans.”

The sci-fi comedy, which has won Emmy awards, is set to return on October 15th with 10 new episodes. This news comes after co-creator Justin Roiland was dismissed from the show due to misconduct allegations. Roiland had also been stripped of his overall deal in January after being charged with felony domestic abuse, though those charges were later dropped.

Adult Swim has been searching for new voice actors who can capture the essence of Rick and Morty. They have reassured fans that the characters themselves will remain unchanged.

The official description for season seven hints at the recasting, stating that Rick and Morty are “back and sounding more like themselves than ever.” The possibilities for the new season are said to be endless, with questions about Jerry, EVIL Summer, and whether they will ever go back to high school.

Adult Swim also notes that the show has been a top comedy across all of cable during its previous seasons and has garnered millions of viewers. So, fans can look forward to the return of Rick and Morty and the new season’s exciting possibilities.

Noor Tariq

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