Netflix Teases a Tomb Raider Anime Series

While announcing exciting new projects, Netflix dropped a subtle hint teasing a potential Tomb Raider Anime series.

In a recent trailer, Netflix, the colossal streaming platform valued at a staggering $195 billion, unveiled a sneak peek at their upcoming anime endeavors. Amid this showcase, they alluded to the imminent arrival of a Tomb Raider anime.

This teaser was part of Netflix’s DROP 01 event, which provided glimpses of various anime projects in the pipeline. While the hint was brief, eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice the conspicuous mention of Crystal Dynamics in bold letters during the presentation.

For those unfamiliar with Crystal Dynamics, they are the creative minds behind the iconic Tomb Raider video game series. Given that Tomb Raider stands out as their most beloved and enduring franchise, fans speculate that a Lara Croft anime might indeed be in the works.

These speculations appear to have some solid ground to stand on, especially when considering Netflix’s track record of adapting video game franchises into successful anime series. A prime example is the highly acclaimed Castlevania series, which found its roots in the video game franchise of the same name and garnered a dedicated fan following.

Furthermore, Lara Croft remains an iconic figure in the annals of video game history, having graced screens for decades since her debut in the very first game. After experiencing success in both the gaming and movie realms, it seems only natural that a Tomb Raider anime adaptation could be the next logical step in the evolution of this beloved character’s journey.

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