Max Brands Adult-Themed Fionna & Cake Trailer As Kid-Friendly

Max’s YouTube channel has disappointed fans of the popular animated series, Adventure Time, with a recent misstep regarding the upcoming spin-off Fionna and Cake.

The issue stems after Max misclassifies the newly launched series’ trailer on YouTube under its YouTube Kids section. The streaming giant’s website designates the show as adult animation, carrying a TV-14 rating, in contrast to the original show’s TV-PG rating.

YouTube Kids settings entail parental controls for users under 13 years old, which falls below the age demographic intended for the Max series. Disappointed fans have raised concerns about this misclassification hindering the trailer’s exposure and viewership.

Moreover, the video’s comments have been restricted, likely due to its categorization as “made for kids” content. Suzanna Makkos, the Executive Vice President of Max, shared at the Annecy Festival in June that the upcoming series maintains the distinctive tonality of Adventure Time while taking on a more mature demeanor. She pointed out that “ Fiona’s older. She’s in the workforce. It’s more adult, so I think it’s going to bring in new fans.”

This new series follows the escapades of Fionna and Cake, characters from an alternate universe who resemble Finn and Jake from the original series. Their adventures traverse various dimensions, as hinted by Max’s teaser: “When Fionna and her sidekick Cake find themselves in the crosshairs of a powerful new foe, they have no choice but to seek the help of former Ice King Simon Petrikov.”

The eagerly anticipated Max series, Fionna & Cake, will debut on August 31st on the streaming platform.

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