Lee Joon-gi on Dual Role in Arthdal Chronicles Season 2

During a recent press conference for the Hotstar’s Arthdal Chronicles Season 2, Lee Joon-gi, playing the dual roles of Eunseom and SaYa in their elder incarnations, shared his experience working on the series.

He expressed he was extremely happy when the production team contacted him for the roles. Joon-gi couldn’t contain his excitement as he had long admired the writers’ work, especially their historical dramas. Despite feeling a bit daunted by the magnitude of these roles, he was determined to prove himself and do justice to characters previously portrayed by Song Joon-ki.

Joon-gi also opened up about the anxieties that plagued him throughout the production. He admitted that he didn’t get much sleep during the filming of the first ten episodes because he was constantly worried about delivering a stellar performance.

Arthdal Chronicles season 2

In addition, Lee Joon-gi shared that his dedication to the series had required him to put his personal life on hold. The emotional toll of his role was considerable, and he poured all of his energy into understanding and embodying the characters to the best of his abilities.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: The Sword of Aramun is set approximately a decade after the events of Season 1, which starred Song Joon-ki and Kim Ji-won. This K-drama epic unfolds in the mythical ancient land of Arth and also features Shin Se-Kyung as the older version of Tan Ya.

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