A Comprehensive Guide to the Cast of “Power Book IV: Force”

After waiting over a year, the second season of “Power Book IV: Force” is finally here. This is the fourth part of the famous “Power” series, and it continues the story of a tough character named Tommy Egan, played by Joseph Sikora. Tommy is leaving his old life in New York City behind to become a significant drug dealer in Chicago. The first season ended in April 2022 with a big shootout. So, in the second season, Tommy is looking for revenge and to settle scores. He will meet new people, both friends and enemies. So, in this article, we will talk about the Cast of “Power Book IV: Force”

In an interview, Joseph Sikora talked about the new season. He said that season two is returning to the original feel of “Power,” which means lots of action on the streets. The synopsis of “Power Book IV” says there’s a conflict between different groups on the streets, and the police are getting tough. So, this season will have many exciting things happening, and we’ll see new characters joining the story. The new season starts on September 1st.

“Power Book IV” keeps the excitement going after the end of “Power” season six and “Power Book II: Ghost” season one. While Tommy might be the only familiar character in the series, the rest of the “Power Book IV” cast is enthusiastic about continuing the franchise tradition.

Where To Watch Power Book IV: Force in Australia?

You can visit the official website of the “Power” series or the streaming platform that holds the rights to the “Power” franchise, such as Starz (the network where the original “Power” series aired), to find out where “Power Book IV: Force” is available for streaming or airing in your region. Additionally, you can check for updates on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ if they have acquired the rights to stream the series in your area.

The Cast of “Power Book IV: Force”

“Power Book IV” features a cast of skilled actors portraying intriguing characters who contribute to Tommy’s journey. Keep reading to learn more about the Cast of “Power Book IV: Force”

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan:

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Joseph Sikora takes on the role of Tommy Egan in “Power Book IV.” He plays the part of the impulsive and quick-tempered Tommy Egan. Sikora is known for his previous position in the “Power” series, where he portrayed the same character. However, in this new installment, Tommy has left behind his life in New York City to begin anew in Chicago. In season one, he creates a lot of commotion among rival drug dealers, and fans anticipate more intense drama in season two.

Isaac Keys as Diamond:

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Keys portrays the character Diamond, who is depicted as a gentle giant in “Power Book IV.” Diamond was recently released from a 15-year prison sentence when season one began. Before his incarceration, he held a prominent position in the CBI crew, a rising force in Chicago’s criminal landscape. Diamond’s imprisonment allowed him to study and gain knowledge in various subjects, from history to philosophy. Upon his release, he attempts to regain control of CBI, which was once under his leadership. However, his efforts lead to a division within the crew, particularly with his younger brother Jenard. As season one unfolds, their strained relationship becomes evident, setting the stage for significant conflict and drama in season two.

Kris D. Lofton as Jenard Sampson

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Lofton portrays the character Jenard Sampson in “Power Book IV.” At the start of the series, Jenard is a college student who transitions into street hustling. When his older brother Diamond is incarcerated for 15 years, Jenard takes over the leadership of CBI, one of Chicago’s significant criminal groups. Initially, he enjoyed the advantages of having Diamond’s protection and guidance. However, their relationship turns sour, leading to a bitter feud.

Jenard’s leadership style resembles a determined CEO, ruling over his crew with unwavering authority. He hesitates to eliminate anyone in his path, including his newfound adversary, Tommy. As season two unfolds, it’s possible that this ruthless dynamic could extend to even considering his brother’s downfall.

Lili Simmons as Claudia Flynn:

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Simmons takes on the role of Claudia “Claud” Flynn in “Power Book IV.” She is the daughter of the most prominent crime lord in Chicago. Claudia possesses a unique combination of intelligence from both academic and street perspectives. This blend makes her exceptionally skilled in politics and criminal activities, with the latter being her dominant focus. In a male-dominated field, Claudia is compelled to establish a distinct position.

Despite her intelligence, Claudia’s father’s overconfidence drives her to break away from his influence. In season one, she collaborates with Tommy and a reserved scientist to initiate her criminal operation. However, the forthcoming second season will unveil whether she can sustain her enterprise without interference from her family.

Shane Harper as Vic Flynn:

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Harper, known from “Hightown,” assumes the role of Vic Flynn in “Power Book IV.” Vic is being groomed as the successor to his family’s drug enterprise. His leadership style is marked by a balance between his emotions and his physical prowess. Despite his father’s intentions of having him take over the business, Vic is frustrated with his life is predetermined path, including his expected connection to Gloria.

Tensions rise after Tommy’s arrival and his interactions with Vic’s father. Vic perceives Tommy as an adversary after conflicts arise between them. Vic’s determination to maintain his position within the family’s drug empire leads him to fierce struggles. However, amidst the growing disputes and the tragic loss of his long-term partner (orchestrated by his father), Vic’s prospects in the drug trade remain uncertain as season two approaches.

Tommy Flanagan as Walter Flynn:

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Flanagan plays the role of Walter Flynn in “Power Book IV.” Walter is the leader of the most potent Irish crime family in Chicago. He places immense importance on his family values, and his commitment to honor and traditions influences every decision he makes. Walter’s effort to adapt to modern times becomes apparent as he navigates the challenges of the criminal organization he established. Unexpectedly, he faces threats that he never anticipated, mainly due to the chaotic influence brought by Tommy.

Gabrielle Ryan as Gloria

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

In the first season, Ryan portrays Gloria, a former Marine with sharp wit and remarkable beauty, aiming to forge her identity in Chicago. She is the proprietor of a bar, serving exceptional Jamaican-influenced dishes of Michelin quality. Gloria aspires to have her restaurant someday. However, her ambitions are jeopardized when a faction of Irish mobsters encroach on her territory. The arrival of Tommy in her life initiates a series of events that disrupt her world.

Gloria’s interactions with Tommy have far-reaching consequences, impacting her connection with Vic. As time passes, their relationship starts to imperil Walter’s criminal enterprise. Tragically, Gloria’s story culminates with her being shot in the head, leading to heartbreak and a vengeful spirit in Vic.

Anthony Fleming III as JP Gibbs

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Fleming takes on the role of JP Gibbs, a talented jazz musician with a worldly sophistication evident in his style and attitude. JP has traversed various places, gaining a deep sense of culture and experience. He manages a blues club alongside his ailing father, who has become a target for local gang members’ attacks. Notably, one of these gang members happens to be JP’s son, a matter that will be further explored.

As JP grapples with his family’s challenges, his world takes an unexpected twist when he encounters Tommy, his half-brother, during season one. Their relationship evolves against the backdrop of family dynamics and personal struggles. As season two approaches, the description hints at an opportunity for them to address their familial issues and work toward reconciliation.

Audrey Esparza as Liliana

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

In the original series, Esparza’s character Liliana was initially introduced to “Power” fans. She was a former drug courier for Tommy and Ghost’s operation. Her memorable scar on her cheek resulted from an attack by “Pink Sneakers” during the first season. Liliana is one of the few characters from the original “Power” to reappear in “Power Book IV.” In this installment, she becomes Tommy’s criminal partner as they strive to dominate Chicago’s drug trade.

Tragically, in the season finale, the ongoing conflict between Tommy and the Flynns culminates in a drive-by shooting that claims Liliana’s life. As season two unfolds, Tommy is driven by a relentless desire for vengeance over Liliana’s death. Her character’s return and subsequent demise significantly impact Tommy’s motivations and actions, setting the stage for intense drama and conflict in the upcoming season.

Lucien Cambric as Darnell “D-Mac” McDowell

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Cambric portrays Darnell “D-Mac” McDowell in “Power Book IV.” D-Mac is a teenager who has grown up in the streets of Chicago, carrying the weight of his upbringing while retaining a youthful, vulnerable side. He seeks someone to provide guidance and care in his life. Throughout season one, D-Mac’s interactions with Tommy become more frequent, leading to a deepening connection between them.

Chanell Bell as Dr. Lauryn Williams

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Bell plays the part of Dr. Lauryn Williams, a character who appears in some episodes. She’s a scientist who gets kidnapped and is made to create a drug called Dahlia for Tommy and Claudia in the first season. Her life is in danger multiple times as she tries to escape the problematic situation that Claudia has forced her into. By the end of the season, it seems like she’s safe for now. We don’t know how long she’ll be part of Tommy and Claudia’s drug-making plan. But considering those two, her time might be limited.

Carmela Zumbado as Mireya Garcia

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

Zumbado’s character, Mireya, is a new addition in season two. She plays the role of the “younger sister of a very dangerous Mexican drug dealer” in Chicago. She becomes Tommy’s new rival. Even though she doesn’t want to be involved in her family’s criminal activities or their ill-gotten money, Mireya is studying to become a nurse. However, her plans might change when she meets Tommy.

Manuel Eduardo Ramirez as Miguel Garcia

 Cast of "Power Book IV: Force"

In season two, Ramirez portrays the character Miguel, who is a fierce drug lord. He’s connected to and in charge of the Latino group in Chicago. Miguel is introduced as someone mean and violent and dominates others. He’s an alpha male who doesn’t hesitate to use force. He’s a “stone-cold killer” focused on making money, keeping his grandmother happy, and looking after his younger sister. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep his loved ones safe.


“Power Book IV: Force” is a captivating show that keeps people interested with its exciting stories and interesting characters. It’s part of the “Power” series and follows Tommy Egan’s journey in Chicago. The actors do a great job, and the show explores relationships, families, and personal goals. The story has a lot of rivalry, betrayal, and unexpected friendships. It shows how far people will go to be in charge and protect their loved ones. As the story continues, the tension grows, and viewers want to know what happens next. The show is exciting and keeps everyone hooked. It’s a must-watch for both fans of the series and new viewers. Learn everything about the Cast of “Power Book IV: Force”.


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