How to Watch ‘Class of ’07’ on Amazon Prime Online

Don’t miss out on the hilarious new high school reunion comedy and watch Class of ’07, available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video starting March 17, 2023. Featuring the talented Emily Browning and Caitlin Stasey, the series follows a group of women facing an unexpected challenge when an apocalyptic tidal wave strikes during their ten-year reunion. Stranded on the island peak of their high school campus, these ladies must band together and find a way to survive. Get ready for a reunion experience unlike any other – Class of ’07 is a must-watch!

Quick Steps: How to Watch Class of ’07 online

Follow these simple steps to watch Class of 07

  1. Download a reliable VPN [we recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as it provides exceptional streaming experience globally]

  2. Download and install ExpressVPN app!

  3. Connect to a server in the US

  4. Login to Amazon Prime

  5. Enjoy watching your favorite content on Amazon Prime

What is the release date of the Class of ’07?

The new comedy TV series about a never-ending high school drama will debut on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Where to watch Class of ’07 online?

The TV series Class of 07 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 17, 2023. However, those who reside outside the United States and subscribe to Amazon Prime can only access a restricted content selection because of geographical limitations. A VPN is the best solution to access the complete library of US Amazon Prime from any part of the world.

What is the Class of ’07 about?

Class of ’07 is a hilarious take on high school reunions with a twist of life-and-death circumstances. Imagine a group of women, already apprehensive about their 10-year reunion, now dealing with a natural disaster that strikes simultaneously. This comedy brings to light the chaos and hilarity that can ensue when old friends and enemies come together under unexpected circumstances. Will they survive the disaster and the drama of reuniting with their former classmates?

What is the plot of the Class of ’07?

Class of 07 is an exciting story about a group of women. During their 10-year high school reunion, they face an apocalyptic tidal wave that leaves them stranded on their school’s island peak. Amidst the chaos, old dramas resurfaced, and their biggest challenge becomes surviving the end of the world and each other. It’s a tribute to the power of female friendship as the women navigate their way back to each other in the most unexpected of circumstances. It promises a gripping tale of survival, drama, and love you won’t want to miss.

Class of ’07 Official Trailer

The upcoming series Class of ’07 promises a hilariously wild ride. It shows that school reunions may be thorny, but this one is like the world’s end. The trailer teases a funny plot, the aftermath of the reunion, and the grown-ups’ battle for survival. Prepare for a rib-tickling and wacky adventure that will leave you in stitches. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Cast Members of the Class of ’07

The Australian show features some well-known actors. Emily Browning, known for her role in American Gods, portrays Zoe Miller, a reluctant character to attend her high school reunion. Saskia, played by Caitlin Stasey from Reign, is eager to whip everyone into shape. The lead group is completed by Amelia, portrayed by Megan Smart from Peter Rabbit 2. The other cast members include:

  • Claire Lovering (Genevieve)
  • Emma Horn (Renee)
  • Steph Tisdell (Phoebe)
  • Sana’a Shaik (Teresa)
  • Rose Flanagan (Laura)
  • Chi Nguyen (Megan)
  • Bernie Van Tiel (Tegan)

What is the Class of ’07’s rating?

Class of 07’s IMDBN/A
Class of 07’s  Rotten TomatoN/A

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Episodes of Class of ’07

Class of 07 will have eight episodes, and all will be released together on Amazon Prime Video on March 17, 2023.

  • Season 1, Episode 1 – Bird S…
  • Season 1, Episode 2 – Pancake Rage
  • Season 1, Episode 3 – Dumb Dumbs
  • Season 1, Episode 4 – Soul-Crushing-Cycle
  • Season 1, Episode 5 – The People vs. Saskia
  • Season 1, Episode 6 – Utopia
  • Season 1, Episode 7 – Party Like It’s 1999
  • Season 1, Episode 8 – The Tribe Has Spoken

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Who is the creator of the Class of ’07?

Kacie Anning is the creator of the Class of ’07.

Where is the Class of ’07 filmed?

Class of ’07 is filmed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

What are the genres of the Class of ’07?

Class of ’07 has a genre of comedy and drama.

Wrap up!

In the current era, the fascination for post-apocalyptic entertainment is undeniable. The destruction of the world has always been a popular theme, and now we crave it more than ever. We desire even more laughter amidst the chaos, and that’s precisely what the Class of ’07 promises to bring. This comedy-drama will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone, and if you’re a fan of comedy shows and movies, you definitely won’t want to miss this!

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